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On Proliferation - Research Paper Example

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The present study would focus on proliferation which has remained an international challenge for many years. This has left a lack of understanding in the effects of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) declaration on the individual countries. …
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Research on Proliferation
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Download file to see previous pages According to the research findings it can therefore be said that despite the fact that every country agrees that zero tolerance on nuclear weapons is the way to keep international security, there has been a continued spread of the weapons. This leaves a question on how the terrorists groups still manage to get the weapons and what the role of the government has been in the failure of Non-Proliferation Treaty. It also leaves a question on the role of international community in regulating government-sharing weapons with the terrorist groups. Terrorists are a small number of people “who act outside the normal boundaries of morality, compassion and humanity”. With a continued nuclear technology growth, the highest possibility stands at there could be a high circulation of nuclear weapons internationally. This has lead to the government yielding to external pressures instilled by the desire to compete with other international states as far as state protection is concerned. As a means of protecting the states interests, nuclear proliferation becomes inevitable since no state like being uncertain of their security. They therefore end up involving the terrorist groups by issuing them with weapons to help in states survival. However, there are instances when terrorist groups get weapons illegally for their own reasons. They purchase them on the grounds of performing terrorist attacks to their rival groups that end up harming innocent people in the fight. Failures that have made it hard to end terrorism The issue of proliferation has remained a mystery for decades now. This has made a thorough approach more difficult to the countries seeking solutions. Its definition of it being a puzzle for many years has made a gap in the definition of its cause and effects hence making every theoretical debate not to arrive at a conclusion (Ogilvie-White 1996, 43). Having politicians at the forefront in perpetrating the phenomenon has contributed to making it difficult to determine how weapon proliferation can be without international processes. The way out is to do a thorough investigation to eliminate these perpetrators so that solutions could be arrived at. Lack of official documentation on the past nuclear proliferation has made it difficult to establish reliable sources of evidence to use against the crimes. This has led to abstractness in every debate that has been done on the same hence resulting to doubts on reliability of the information gathered (Ogilvie-White 1996, 43). Criticism has emerged making it hard to obtain valid information on causes and consequences of weapon proliferation in the international political circle. Some countries are feared to have signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty but may not follow the regulations. This has become one of the huddles facing Non-Proliferation Treaty since such countries cannot expose the terrorist groups existing within their borders. Such failures ensure that terrorism continues under the cover of the individual government. What the role of the government has been in the failure of Non-Proliferation Treaty The government has contributed highly to having distorted evidence on proliferation through its failure to document any such occurrence as it happen. This has led to lack of reliable sources to serve as evidence in the cases against weapon proliferation. With a high foreign secrecy and small number of weapon proliferation cases, politics has proved to be more influential in the causes of proliferation. Nuclear technology funded by the government has been the force behind the production of the nuclear weapons (Ogilvie-White 1996, 44). The speculation as at now is there could be future spread in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "Research on Proliferation" is quite popular among the assignments in high school. Still, this document opens a fresh perspective of seeing the problem. I’ll use the idea for my own example.

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