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Classical realism outlines that it is the essential and basic nature of the man and the states to put the self-interest above any ideology therefore it is dominated by the will to dominate and gain power. …
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What can neorealism explain
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"What can neorealism explain"

Download file to see previous pages This concept is therefore based upon the notion of competitive self-interest for the nations where the concerns for security and individual interests are superior to any other ideology. Classical realism outlines that it is the essential and basic nature of the man and the states to put the self-interest above any ideology therefore it is dominated by the will to dominate and gain power. This is considered as necessary in order to maintain the status where a state remains in same position to always safeguard its interests. Neorealism though is driven by the classical realism but goes one stage above that and put more priority on the international system as a whole. The international system therefore is considered as the structure above the states and the individuals are considered as agents below the stage. The neorealism therefore does not view the human nature as essential but maintains that international structure actually works as a constraint over the motivations and interests of the agents. This paper will therefore comprehensively discuss and explain as to what neorealism actually is and how it can be viewed within the perspective of international politics and relations. Classical Realism Classical realism is often associated with what is called power politics because both the terms outline priority of the national interests over moral obligations of a State. As such any considerations for moral obligations, social reconstruction as well as ideology does not hold any preference over the national interest. Based on the economic concept of competitive self-interest, classical realism advocates that it is the basic human nature and that of state that they pursue their self-interest first. This nature therefore forces states and the man to remain in dominating position and creates the drive for the power. One of the key assumptions of the classical realism is fundamentally based upon the notion that there is no actor above the states therefore the relationships between the states cannot be controlled by a higher authority. As such each state therefore moves in a direction which suits its national interests and without any coercive influence of other states or actors. (Donnelly, 2000)  It is however, important to understand that the overall relationships between the states are dominated by the military and economic powers of each state. The extent of power of each state therefore is mainly dominated by the way each state holds the economic as well as military power without having any reference to the moral obligations. It is therefore maintained that the maintaining moral obligations unnecessarily put commitments on the States which may be undesirable for the relationships between states in longer term. Neorealism Neorealism is a relatively different concept than the classical realism as it views layers above the states which may be in dominating position. While departing from the realism’s basic postulate of human nature, neorealism sees States facing structural constraints which can actually limit their strategies as well as motivations. Neorealism is also different from classical realism due to the assumption that the international politics can be considered as a defined and precised structure. This view was not held by the classical realists who view the international politics based upon the individual behaviors of the States at the international level. The focus on the system level thinking therefore has allowed theorists of neorealism to avoid from making any assumptions about the human nature, power and self-interests as well as the moral obligations. It was because of this reason that the Neorealists were able to see ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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