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History. Questions - Essay Example

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: University: History Q1. The development that caused the greatest change in the American society after World War II was the baby boom. In the years after the war, family life witnessed dramatic changes. People married at a younger age as compared to the years before the war…
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History. Questions
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"History. Questions"

Download file to see previous pages During this period, the baby boom stimulated migration to suburbs (Rusty, 2010 p 4). Growth of suburbs led to numerous developments witnessed across the country. As a result of the suburbs, there emerged the need for automobiles. Thus, the government constructed new roads. The population of the United States increased significantly from 1946. The need to provide for the high population made the government come up with policies that enabled people to access basic needs such as healthcare, education, and provisions for social security. The various developments that happened in the United States after the war can be attributed to the baby boom (Rusty, 2010 p 12). Q2. Eisenhower caution and inactivity can be regarded as a wise prudence in the exercise of power. He reacted cautiously towards the beginning of the civil rights movement and sent troops who enforced court orders. His domestic policies used to be conservative, while the foreign policies appeared to be cautious. He is credited for avoiding military involvement in Vietnam and pressuring Britain, France and Israel to resolve the Suez crisis. Eisenhower sought an end the cold war by seeking negotiations and refusing to get involved in the Hungarian revolt. America become more prosperous during the era of Eisenhower, as science and technology advanced significantly. Women had the opportunity to join the workforce and get white collar jobs (Thomas, 2005 p 20). Q3. The Soviet Union tested its first atomic bomb in 1949. This led to public anxiety as the Americans feared the Russia’s superiority. The US government started investigating who had revealed the US atomic secrets to the Russians (Fried, 1991 p 32). As a result, the red hunting came to being; high profile individuals such as Rosenberg faced persecution. Senator Joseph McCarthy recruited communist hunter Roy Cohn, a prosecutor. McCarthy visited his opponents and campaigned against them; he accused his critics as traitors. He formed a red-hunting corporation known as AWARE Inc, which prosecuted communists. During his tenure, anticommunist agencies questioned teachers; those suspected of communism lost their jobs. Children took loyalty oaths and pledged not to overthrow the government. This way, he forced many Americans to have a skeptical look at secret subversives (Fried, 1991 p 37). Q4. The invasion of Vietnam by France shortly after the Second World War can be termed as the major cause of the Vietnam War. The French occupied the country, leading to an imbalance of the Vietnamese cultural lifestyle. The communists took advantage of the disruption of a peaceful Vietnamese life. Communist countries such as Russia wanted to exercise their political ideologies on small and weak countries that had been destabilized by the French. After World War II, communist countries wanted to gain control over nations that seemed weak and politically unstable. As a result, the Vietnam War came into being (Thomas, 2005 p 22). The cold war and the differences between the capitalist and the communists also resulted to the cold war. America was opposed to communist ideals of the Soviet Union. Russia and China had supplied arms to the government of North Vietnam. The arms included war materials such as machine guns, rifles, artillery, war boats, and ammunitions. America wanted to slow the growth of communism in the Middle East. The United States joined the war following a call to protect South Vietnam from invasion by North ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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