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Arab-Israeli War of 1948 - Essay Example

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Arab-Israel war of 1948
The Arab-Israel war was the first in a sequence of wars fought between the Jewish state and the Arab states since 1947. Avi (1998) observes that the Israelites refer to it as the war of independence…
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Arab-Israeli War of 1948
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"Arab-Israeli War of 1948"

Download file to see previous pages Observers claim that the Arab nations were not satisfied with the UN ruling, which they criticized greatly on the basis of great imbalance on the partition. Most Arabs claimed that the partition plan did not adequately balance the two groups. More so the Arabs, whom they claimed to, have been the majority. The UN voted in favor of the partition, ruling that the British were to terminate their mandate in Palestine in order to pave way for the partition to be implemented. Avi (1998) continue to argue that by the beginning of the Second World War; most Arab countries were under the strong influence of their colonial masters. Most notably were British and the French groups. He point out that Jordan in particular remained under the strong influence of the British thus acquired arms supply and military training. The Arabs countries joined hand to form the Arab league, which was mandated to coordinate the policies between their states after independence. According to Gelber (2006), the UN partition plan was unanimously rejected by the Arab League of Nations. They declared holy war (jihad) upon all the Jews both in the Arab states and those living in Israel. He further claims that by 1940, most Jews had flown back to Israel from the Arab states fearing being persecuted. Consequently, he adds that the Arabs in Israel were encouraged to leave the country with a promise of returning after they purge the Jews land. Gelber (2006) estimates the number of Jews refugees running from the Arab states to be around one million (1,000,000), and that of Arabs from Israel to have been around three hundred and forty three thousand (343,000). War triggered a mass exodus from the Arab states. It is claimed that the Jews easily integrated in their mother country thus the claims that most Jews today are descendants of the Jews from the Arabic countries. However, it is also argued that, intentionally, the Arabs did not integrate their fellow Arabs who had escaped from Israel following war outbreak. During the initial stages of the Arab-Israel war, Avi (1998) observes that the British who were in control of Palestine, denied the Jews a chance to defend themselves. He further argues that this was done in many ways some of which were blocking those coming from other countries and denying them entry into Israel. Second, they outlawed Israel’s militia men as terrorists groups and denied them a chance to import weapons. In the mean time, it is argued that the British were supplying arms to the Arab countries and freely allowed them into Palestine. This is argued to have greatly compromised the Jewish ability to defend themselves against the Arabs. This continued until the British mandate was terminated. By February Benny (2008) observes that the Palestinian informed the UN Security Council that the partition plan could not be carried out without military aid. Because of the long process to come up with a defense force, the situation in Palestine got out of control. Benny claims that this resulted as disagreements raged the formation of the military forces without incorporating the support of the major powers. Consequently, war broke out in Palestine. He further states that the UN council blamed the Arabs for the war outbreak, with most of the western and European countries condemned Israel’s’ invasion by the Arabs. The British and the Palestine denied the UN Palestine Commission access to resolve the war crisis. Avi (1998) points out that, despite all the mounting pressure in Palestine, the UN did not suspend the partition plan. As a result, Israel ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Arab-Israeli war the Jewish community because of sympathies the UN had for Jews due to their experience during the Holocaust. The first wave of war that took place between Arabs and Jews was an outcome of the creation of independent state from the Jews and this region as recognized as Israel. Due to this Arabs started fighting against Israel and took hold of a small region recognized as the Old City of Jerusalem. This war led to a ceasefire, but after the first four weeks of this Cease fire, the Jews made advancements and another cease fire took place. Then in the August of 1948, the war started again and a cease fire was observed during 1949. Due to this,...
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Arab-Israeli Conflict College Essay
...which has proposed an alternative peace plan for the resolution of the various issues in the region. Similarly, Egypt, which was a founding member of the Arab League, has played an essential role in the settlement of the various issues in the region. Therefore, this paper undertakes a profound analysis of the role of international actors the Arab-Israeli conflict during the Colonial period as well as Post -Independence period. Whereas the Arab-Israeli conflict has several different dimensions relating to the various aspects of the political controversy, the role of international actors should be realized as an important area of discussion. The...
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...Arab and Israel conflict The Arab-Israeli conflict, which roughly spans one century of political tensions and open hostilities between the two nations in the Middle East, has acquired international importance and it continues to acquire immense significance among the contemporary issues of international affairs. Significantly, the Arab nations initiated four important wars against Israel which include the War of Independence in 1948, the Sinai War of 1956, the Six Day War in 1967, and the Yom Kippur War of 1973. It is essential to recognise that the conflict between these two...
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Literature Review be broken, when the combatants rejuvenate themselves, leading a renewal of hostilities. History is replete with such instances including the Arab-Israeli war of 1948-1949 and the Balkan Crisis which ended in the breaking up of former Yugoslavia into Croat, Serb, and Bosnian states. The problem with the brokered peace in such wars is that multi-lateral agreements stem from frivolous motives. The author argues that the UN would be better off assisting the strong overcome the weak for lasting peace. Instead the peace making efforts only add to the continuity of the war by encouraging the weaker forces to remain as refugees and make for potential...
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...Arab-Israeli Peace Process During 1947 to 1982 five major Arab Israel wars have taken place since UN detachment of Palestine and the formation contemporary Israel state in 1948. A number of sporadic clashes have also been there. In1979, a peace treaty was signed by Israel and Egypt and in 1994 the war between Jordan and Israel came to an end. Somewhere else, the resentment among Israel and its neighboring Arab countries turned complex because of the insist of Palestinian Arabs for an self-governing state in the region occupied by Israel. Operation Peace for Galilee As stated by Ovendale, on June 6, 1982, Israel...
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...of David Ben – Gurion’s declaration of Israel to be an independent state, the country was attacked by at least five Arabian nations namely Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. The three other major countries of the Arab fraternity i.e. Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen also sent their troops to attack Israel in order to demolish the newly born state with in the days of inception. The scheme of happenings was known as the ArabIsraeli War of 1948. After almost a full year of fighting, cease fire was declared which was later known as Green Line (NPR, 2002). Though ceasefire was signed, the dominance of Egypt and Jordan was far from being over as they conquered...
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Explain the origins of the 1948 Arab-Israeli war
...The Origins of the Arab-Israeli War 1948 Inserts His/Her Inserts Grade Inserts 15 (Wednesday, December, 2010) Introduction “History is a myth agreed upon” as Napoleon Bonaparte puts it. There were different views of the Arab Israeli War.Hence history does not remain a representation of facts but merely a myth. The paper tries to present those different views. The 19th century and birth of Zionism The part of the land east of the Mediterranean Sea has had a rich history where various conquerors of religions and areas have invaded and taken control. From the archaeological records, it can be assessed that Jews had settled in this area between 1800...
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...PARTITION: THE FIRST ARAB-ISRAELI WAR AND THE PALESTINIAN REFUGEE PROBLEM The defeat of the Palestinians in the 1948 war with the Israel was as a result of many factors, including lack of adequate training in war tactics. The Palestinian soldiers also lacked adequate weapons. The lack of enough weapons to use in battle was a big letdown at the battlefield1. The lack of good leadership among the Palestine also contributed to the biggest loss in the battle against Israel. The lack of good leadership compromised the coordination of the Palestine’s army2. Lack of coordination during war translates to defeat in many...
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The First Arab-Israeli War and the Palestinian Refugee Problem
...employ this applies to the first Arab-Israeli War. It is true Palestinians were ill prepared for the war, and these questions the motives for the war. I believe the war resulted from differences between Britain and America over the fate of the Middle East. Considering the arms embargo, America’s abandonment of Israel, and disunity between Arab countries about the Palestinian crisis, I agree when you claim Britain, America, and Arab countries were concerned about gaining territorial possessions than they were about the crisis in Palestine. Therefore, the fate of Palestine was influenced by interplay between various...
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To what extent were Human Rights violated in Palestine by Israel since the war started in 1948
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