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Do Aliens Exist - Essay Example

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The world in which we live is assumed to come into existence many billion years back when no known form of life was present here. It is said that some biological events took place after its existence which led to the existence of the very first specie on the face of this world. From this specie were derived many other species which took over the form of the previous specie…
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Do Aliens Exist
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Download file to see previous pages However these findings have yet not provided a solid proof regarding the existence of the aliens. Brockwell on this issue provides with rather interesting information regarding the existence of aliens. According to Brockwell in 1966 a space shuttle was sent to generate electricity by the earth’s magnetic field. This shuttle was launched in the orbit and the mission was known as the STS-75 Space Shuttle mission. But the experiment failed as the shuttle broke down in the orbit and electricity could not be generated. It was reported that when the shuttle broke down many unusual UFOs were sighted at the site. But this claim was brought down the officials who considered the unusual UFOs to be space debris. However an interesting claim has been made now in which a scientist examined the pictures taken from that site. The scientist using different techniques clarified the picture taken on that day and put forward the claim that the unusual UFOs were actually spacecrafts run by the aliens themselves. The pictures clearly show the electronic circuits which are a sign that it might not be debris but possibly some electronic transport which is run by aliens. Relying upon this claim by the scientist one can clearly deduce that there is some power outside this world which is living in the galaxy. The images provided by the scientists also are a sign that aliens may possibly exist but are not really showing up themselves (Brockwell 2008). The proponents of the belief that aliens exist come forward with different arguments which are related to the events that have occurred in real life. It has been found that memos of a secret agent show that an extra terrestrial space ship crashed into the US town of Roswell which was then covered up by the American government. An FBI...
Many individuals come forward with the claim that there is no such thing as aliens existing in this world. According to these individuals aliens are just a perception of people and they do not exist in the galaxy. The unusual happenings in this world are just a mere coincidence and not any activity done by individuals other than the human beings. To conduct a study on the existence of aliens many studies have been conducted and one of the studies was made public. It clearly states that there is no such sign of alien existence in this world. The famous report clearly suggests that there is no such thing as alien existence in this world and all the unusual activities happening in this world are just out of mere natural forces. The report criticizes all the events reported by people who have sighted UFOs in their vicinities. The report further states using the techniques of astronomy, that all these unusual UFOs are related to the stars and meteors in the space. It puts forward the claim that most of the happenings in the surrounding of this world which seem to be unusual are related to the electrical chemical and magnetic phenomenon occurring in the layers of the earth. Because these phenomenons are so rare in this world, they are thought to be related to forces existing outside this world. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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