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Communism in North Korea Compared with Russia - Essay Example

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This research is the best example of comparison of Russian Communism with Communism of North Korea during the supposed first stage of communism or socialism wherein states have not yet withered away. The current paper presents the details of the communism in each state and compares them. …
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Communism in North Korea Compared with Russia
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Download file to see previous pages It seems that for many practical purposes, the evolution of the socialist state in Russia made the Russian Socialist or Communist State assume the characteristics of a capitalist or free market or competitive market state. It is highly that capitalism the competitive market system was restored in Russia. III. The Communism of North Korea North Korea describes her communism as founded on the so-called “immortal Juche Idea” developed by Kim Il Sung. Kim Il Sung started developing the Juche idea during the North Korean struggle against Japanese invasion in World War II (“Constitution of the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea of 1998,” 3rd paragraph, Preface). The Juche Idea is the ideological foundation of North Korean communism and socialist ideals. North Korean communists consider that it is their task to remodel Korean society along the ideals of the Juche Idea founded by Kim Il Sung (Korean Friendship Association 1). In the view of North Korean communists, “only when one is firmly armed with the Juche Idea and advances under its banner, would it be possible to emerge victorious in revolution and construction, surmounting all difficulties and trials” (Korean Friendship Association 2). From the perspective or propaganda of North Korean communism among themselves, the Juche Idea is the conviction that the North Korean people has “acquired through the history of revolutionary struggle spanning over half a century” (Korean Friendship Association 2). Like other communist parties and movements, the Juche Idea adheres to Marxism-Leninism (Korean Friendship Association 2). In particular, the Juche Idea adheres to a typical communist notion that “Lenin developed Marxism and...
Based on this research, socialism is a first stage of communism. In socialism, the rule is to each according to his work while in communism or the rule is “to each according to his needs, from each according to his ability.” Through the years, however, socialist regimes were confronted with various challenges to modify policies. The main differences between North Korean and Russian Communism are as follows. First, North Korean Communism has explicitly considered itself independent from the Marxist-Leninist ideology through the Juche idea while it is not clear whether Russian Communism has continued to adopt the Marxist-Leninist concepts of a state, socialist society, and communist ideology. Second, the North Korean economy appears to be closer to the traditional notion of a socialist state compared to Russia. Third, private enterprise and private property appears to be more restricted in North Korea compared to Russia. Fourth, North Korean communist ideology uses the Juche rather than Marxism-Leninism. North Korean Juche is basically socialist/communist ideology but with this twist: North Korean communist ideology has more rhetoric on humanism, independence, and humanity as the center of the Juche ideology. Fourth, North Korean communism or socialism appears to be more restrictive against private property while it does not seem to be case for Russian communism or socialist. Finally or fifth, unlike other communists, North Korean communism focuses on a claim to socialism that is more humanity centered. Unfortunately, however, it is currently the socialist or communist country with the greatest nuclear ambitions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Wonderful work done on the "Communism in North Korea Compared with Russia". I think it is the best sample I have seen so far.

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