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Holocaust Denial: Changing the History of World War II - Essay Example

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The present research will introduce the concept of the Holocaust Denial along with further discussion regarding the truth about the Holocaust. The social component of the Holocaust is one which then needs to be identified with the association of freedom of speech…
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Holocaust Denial: Changing the History of World War II
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Extract of sample "Holocaust Denial: Changing the History of World War II"

Download file to see previous pages Holocaust denial within society continues to prevail among groups which are not interested in the complexities of this time and what really happened. The social relationship to Holocaust denial is consistent with a group of people which carry a specific psychological affiliation with the Holocaust and the violence associated with this, which then affects a group of people. Even though there is a sense of denial over this incident, it is essential that the Holocaust continues to be spoken about and remembered so the violence is no longer repeated. Examining the importance of the Holocaust and moving outside of the denial then provides a different type of insight to this period in history and how it relates to society today. Defining Holocaust Denial The concept of Holocaust denial is noted as revisionism in history. The approach is to state that the Holocaust did not exist and needs to be revised in terms of the historical approach that is taught. The revision is requested to take out the horror, violence and the memory that is associated with the Holocaust. The need to take out memories and associations with the Holocaust and what occurred then becomes related to the ideology that the Holocaust did not exist outside of the memory of those which associated with the violence. ...
The idea of Holocaust denial then becomes defined as questioning the collective memory and whether this is associated with the psychology of Jews and the time frame which occurred. Those who deny the Holocaust believe that there is extremity in the viewpoint by one group while not moving into the factual information about World War II and the other occurrences which are associated with this. The concept of reflection of the Holocaust becomes furthered with the activities that continue to be a part of the memory of those in society. There are many that have created the ideology of Holocaust denial because of the industry that has been created in response. There is a belief that the tragedy of the Holocaust has led into an industry that is becoming close to moral blackmail or intellectual terrorism. Memorials, historical tributes, and other areas are continuously being added into the history because of the memory of the Holocaust and the tragedy which occurred.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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