International Relations Theory - Assignment Example

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International Relations Theory
Trade blocs have had to practice liberal trading by eliminating tariffs and other restrictions to international trade among the bloc countries. Capitalism entails free market for all where the market structure promotes the force of demand and supply to take place…
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International Relations Theory
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Download file to see previous pages This calls for less or no controls from the concerned governments thus eliminating government controls. The consumers are also free to choose the products and services they want from anywhere in the world. The international market exhibits such trends. This makes it possible for many countries to prefer capitalism to other ideologies such as communism. For those two reasons, capitalism and universal consumer culture sets a stage for liberal internationalism where individual choice to sell or buy is respected. The final engine is the democratization of governments across the world. Democracy entails self-rule forming a government of the people by the people where majority choice rules. The enjoyment of rights and freedoms that are seen in democratic governments constitute liberal practices in political structures (Marks, 1-19).
Democratization works best if the state is ‘strong’. What does that mean?
The formation of state is entrenched in there being a unified civil society and as such, the state remains imperative if civility in society is to be sustained. The people in a state do try their best not to harm the rights of others while they exercise theirs. This kind of scenario presents democracy where the rights and freedoms of others are respected and upheld. Without the exercise of upholding other people’s rights and freedoms and letting the people make their choice, there would not be democracy. For people to engage in democratic practices, there must be a civil society that is stable, sensitive to the rights and freedoms of others, and preservation of liberty, property and life of the people is upheld. For the stability of society, the state needs to operate within the limits of natural laws and civil laws. The need to become democratized emanates from the fact that people within a state demand that single interests be eliminated and the tyranny be checked for the benefit of majority. A strong state has all the mechanism needed to establish civil obedience, upholds rights and freedoms of the people, the faults of the civil society can be corrected, and the state has the capacity and necessary authority to act that way. Strong civil society, stable governments, and strong civil structures in terms of institutions are better recipes for democratization as opposed to anarchy. Anarchy breeds tyranny. Democracy is constituted when limits to power is realized, mutual relations between the state and civil society are established, rule of law is upheld, constitutionalism promoted, and freedom and rights of all people are equally promoted through democratic participation, thus a strong state with functional democracy (Marks 1-19). What do realists think about ‘China’s rise’ and its implications for international order? The rise of China will transform the East Asia and this influence is set to spread to other parts of the world. China’s take on international matters will be stronger and will bring about a huge drama. The rise of china is seen towards the direction of superpower ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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