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Why Ask Why the Pyramids Were Built By Marcel Graeffe - Essay Example

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There have been several theories that exist regarding the origins of the Pyramids of Egypt, and all these have been debunked by latest research. …
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Why Ask Why the Pyramids Were Built By Marcel Graeffe
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Download file to see previous pages However, this seems to be untrue because of three possible claims: the Egyptians’ superior knowledge of geometry (qtd. in Lemesurier), everything could simply be coincidences (qtd. in De Jager), or Piazzi Smyth was biased in correlating British measurements with those of the pyramid (qtd. in Mendelssohn). Another theory surrounding the pyramids is that “pyramids are sources of tremendous energy” (Graeffe). Antoine Bovies theorized this when he thought garbage in the pyramid did not smell like usual garbage. Karel Drbal also added that dull razors sharpen when placed in the pyramid. Nevertheless, results were contradictory when the same situations were repeated in experiments (qtd. in Stiebing). Another famous theory about the origin of the pyramids is that, according to Erich von Daniken, “since dump trucks did not exist in Egyptian times, aliens must have aided in their construction” (Graeffe). However, Mark Lehner concluded that “with common sense and practice, the building of the pyramid with low technology was even easy” (qtd. in Hadingham). . ...
This implies that Egyptians should carry out religious procedures everyday “with perfection” for the eternal nature of life and the cosmos seems to depend on this discipline (Graeffe). Secondly, the building of the pyramids came with the invention of technology necessary for their construction. This marks an era of the building of huge edifices to act as funerary complexes, replicas of the royal palace, and places for religious rituals and festivals. Full cooperation among the farmers behind the construction was also expected since the building fostered a sense of pride and community among the workers as well as for the fulfillment of religious duty (qtd. in Mendelssohn). Lastly, the pyramids were built perhaps simply because “the form is spectacular [and that it] contrasts beautifully with the intense horizontality of the Ghiza” (Graeffe). This is the author’s point of view as an architect. Summary: “Treasures from the Royal Tombs of Ur” by Richard L. Zettler British archaeologist Leonard Woolley discovered something interesting the late 1920s: 1,850 intact burials in Ur in Mesopotamia, or present day Basrah in Southern Iraq (“The Royal Tombs”). The excavated burial ground had an area of 70 by 55 meters. Each tomb measured around 10 by 5 meters. Woolley determined that 660 of the burials belonged to the Early Dynastic Royal Cemetery. The earlier burials were “not uncommonly cut and undisturbed” while later burials were “commonly overlaid” (Zettler). Materials used in the construction of the tombs. The sides were made from earth hidden by reed matting. The floor was also covered by reed matting. A door, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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