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Challenges and Opportunities in Australian Health Care - Literature review Example

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This work "Challenges and Opportunities in Australian Health Care" describes the author's mind about health care. This research is one of the pioneers in the investigation of the importance of the burden of disease explorations for the Australian health care sector. The author takes into account different works and books about health care demands,  problems in this sphere. …
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Challenges and Opportunities in Australian Health Care
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Extract of sample "Challenges and Opportunities in Australian Health Care"

Download file to see previous pages Calculations are carried out on mortality rates and disability variables. Health care gaps between the rural and urban areas are taken into consideration. Cost-effectiveness inquiry has been conducted as well to establish the validity and reliability of the findings.
I agree that an aging population is one of the major problems confronting Australia today. Besides the scarcity of working-age individuals, the country is confronting the financial burdens caused by the growing demand for elderly care. I disagree with the point that only serious health problems deserve wide-ranging, concentrated attention. Nevertheless, this paper is useful because it provides useful explanations of the opportunities to acquire greater health successes in Australia.
The paper is about how countries in the Western Pacific Region (WPR), specifically Cambodia, China, Laos, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, and Vietnam dealt with the outbreak of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). It discusses how the public sector of these countries allocated resources and formulated programs to combat this lethal disease. This informative paper explores the characteristics of SARS and the damaging effects it inflicted on the Western Pacific Region. The prediction of the paper is that these WPR countries, as well as the rest of the world, will be able to prevent the spread of diseases like SARS through collaboration with the international community, evidence-based practice in the public health sector, and poverty-reduction programs.
The paper is accurate, reliable, and valid because it traces the spread of SARS in the WPR region through a historical and scientific analysis. It uses updated regional databases about the origins, nature, and effects of SARS. It also analyses the issue in a macroeconomic and health perspective. I agree with the point that diseases like SARS are more difficult to prevent due to the pervasiveness of poverty. Yet, I do not agree with the idea that only China and Cambodia made progress in their response mechanism to disease outbreaks. Governments, in all likelihood, are following the same path. This paper is useful because it comprehensively traces the spread of SARS in the WPR region and provides valuable tips to the public health sector on how to prevent adverse impact from outbreaks like such. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Challenges and Opportunities in Australian Health Care Literature review, n.d.)
Challenges and Opportunities in Australian Health Care Literature review.
(Challenges and Opportunities in Australian Health Care Literature Review)
Challenges and Opportunities in Australian Health Care Literature Review.
“Challenges and Opportunities in Australian Health Care Literature Review”.
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