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Midwifery: Values of Professional Practice - Research Paper Example

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The objective of this research "Midwifery: Values of Professional Practice" is to shed light on the most important aspects of the midwifery profession. Specifically, the writer of this paper will address the issue of depression among women after giving birth. …
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Midwifery: Values of Professional Practice
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Download file to see previous pages Sometimes it presents an opportunity to reflect on related episodes in practice. The most important, however, is the fact that a nurse learns more about oneself, develops courage and skills to deal with complicated situations (Chesney, 1996 p. 9). The essay is a reflection of one similar experience during placement. It brings out the importance of personal and interpersonal relationships in handling patients with postpartum depression. This occurs soon after delivery whereby a mother experiences depression, tearfulness, loss of appetite, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and a sense of worthlessness as a parent (Poobalan et al 2007 p. 380). A nurse must feel a strong psychological and sociological connection with the mother and family (Takase, Maude, & Manias, 2006 p. 335).
Most women are not aware of having this problem and therefore try to battle it out on their own. They continue to suppress these feelings and fail to open up to those around them. The process can be challenging. It is important the mother understands her situation. After she has come to terms with the condition, corrective measures can be applied. It is ideal that she is given enough support from close family members more so husband, sisters or even friends. Developing a therapeutic relationship with both parents, friends, and family, makes it easier for the mother to cope with her situation. Considering the nurse precisely understands a mother’s experience, it becomes natural to mirror own behavior in relation to the situation (Huynh, Alderson & Thompson, 2008 p. 198). The reflection process presented in the essay is guided by the Gibbs model of reflection. The choice of this model is strategic since it gives clear and steps by step guidelines on how to conduct the process. I chose King’s theory because it aids to clearly bring out personal values and beliefs. The theory involves three interacting systems apparent during the episode in placement.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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