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Decision-Making Tools For Health Care Professionals - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Decision-Making Tools For Health Care Professionals" examines the new approach in using modern information technologies to help improve the survival odds of cancer patients. It also discusses some of the convoluted ethical and legal issues associated with this theme…
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Decision-Making Tools For Health Care Professionals
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Extract of sample "Decision-Making Tools For Health Care Professionals"

Download file to see previous pages The main obstacle in correctly diagnosing the prognosis of various cancer patients is the difference in patient responses to various treatment modalities. The use of computer technology takes a lot out of the guesswork by making diagnosis a more accurate endeavor. The medical world is not using computer technology as much as it should and it is high time it considers using this important resource in the fight against one of mans most intractable illnesses.
This report covers the continuing fight against cancer despite the large amounts that are expended in terms of efforts and finances. In particular, the diagnosis of cancer is still largely a subjective process that is dependent on the experience and knowledge of the clinicians. The use of the TNM staging system is still considered the best tool available to the patients and the medical community alike in determining the probable outcome and progression of the disease. However, although fairly accurate in terms of describing the stage of the tumors by size and shape, it has obvious limitations because it is largely tending to the historical development of the disease rather than being forward-looking. By this, I mean a new system that considers the likely outcome in terms of treatment and prognosis is of more value to clinicians and patients.
One very promising direction in the fight against cancer is the use of more powerful & precise computer technologies that provide far greater accuracy than is presently available. It is an accepted fact in medical circles that the TNM staging system based on some anatomical and morphological features of the tumors is of limited benefit in terms of prognosis. There is clearly a need for a better way of predicting the likely outcome and treatment response in the fight against all types of cancer. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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