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Energy Expenditure During Walking and Jogging - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Energy Expenditure During Walking and Jogging” the author looks at walking, which is the cheapest and most widely available means of exercise for human beings, insofar as it does not require technologies separate from those one needs to move from one place to another…
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Extract of sample "Energy Expenditure During Walking and Jogging"

Download file to see previous pages Although walking is frequently dismissed as too easy or not difficult enough by fitness experts, the exercise itself bestows just as much benefit to the exerciser as jogging or running, with less of the jarring effects of more intense locomotion. This leads to a dramatically lower dropout rate of participants, meaning staying motivated is simpler on a walking regimen. Jogging, in contrast, requires additional effort without statistically significant improvements in time used in the workout, which leads to questions of whether walking or jogging is the more beneficial activity given the same resources. Based on the evidence that negates claims of an advantage for jogging, and evidence that jogging can lead to damage of body structures due to a higher impact on the joints, a recommendation may be made on behalf of walking as the more expedient exercise modality for maintaining a generally healthy state of fitness. Walking bestows more benefits than jogging because it is less damaging to joints and it gives equal or better results related to weight loss, mental health, respiratory and cardiovascular fitness.
These claims rely on a number of assumptions, including the thought that (a) walking is a valid modality, and (b) walking places less stress upon joints than other forms of exercise. The first of these assumptions, (a), is fairly obvious, as established within the physical fitness community for centuries. With respect to assumption (b), the evidence is also rather clear. Compared to the effect of jogging and other forms of moderate-intensity workout routines, walking presents a safer alternative for individuals concerned with or fearful of the repetitive loading produced by jogging. Using magnetic resonance imaging, scientists have been able to determine that jogging frequently results in significant, acute changes to the knee structure visible. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Energy Expenditure During Walking and Jogging Assignment, n.d.)
Energy Expenditure During Walking and Jogging Assignment.
(Energy Expenditure During Walking and Jogging Assignment)
Energy Expenditure During Walking and Jogging Assignment.
“Energy Expenditure During Walking and Jogging Assignment”.
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