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Is Active Euthanasia a Medical Negligence or Assisted Dying - Assignment Example

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This assignment describes medical negligence and malpractice (Active Euthanasia/ Assisted Dying). This paper outlines a fundamental right to life and a general right to die, the need for parliamentary intervention in Euthanasia, differences of notions Voluntary Euthanasia and assisted suicide…
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Is Active Euthanasia a Medical Negligence or Assisted Dying
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Extract of sample "Is Active Euthanasia a Medical Negligence or Assisted Dying"

Download file to see previous pages Euthanasia is a popular and complex issue of ethics in the medical arena. Within the context of the Western world, there exist varying opinions about the morality of Euthanasia and whether it should be legalized or not. The United Kingdom, in particular, considers Euthanasia as illegal, a homicide offense (Akinola et al, 2002). Yet in other neighboring countries, laws are much more considerate of this issue. In 2002, the Netherlands passed a euthanasia law, making it the first country in the world to decriminalized euthanasia. However, this practice is limited only to those patients with incurable conditions. Likewise, the physicians must follow strictly a set of guidelines to avoid prosecution. The same law exists now in Luxembourg and Belgium. Moreover, in Switzerland, assisted suicide is allowed as long as the person (relatives or friends) assisting the patient is doing it on behalf of the patient’s voluntary intention or request and for his own self-interest (CMAJ, 2009).
The Right to Die is what the proponents of Euthanasia argue to the policymakers for consideration. Living a quality life also entails how it ought to end according to the humanists. In which case, the humanists strongly perceived voluntary euthanasia as the most moral and rightful course of action to preserve quality even up to the end of an individual’s life (British Humanist Association, 2007). As stressed by Akinola et al (2002) in their article, every person has the freedom to morally choose the way they wanted their life to become and such freedom encompasses the right to choose how they wanted to experience death. For vulnerable people such as the patients who suffer so much pain and agony caused by their illness, such freedom is not possible. They need help or assistance from other people to provide the means for them. Nonetheless, this is not easy because of a number of factors including the possible consequences of jurisdiction, making the assistant at risk. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Is Active Euthanasia a Medical Negligence or Assisted Dying Assignment.
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