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Different Factors That Cause Food Spoilage - Assignment Example

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The concern of this essay “Different Factors That Cause Food Spoilage” is in regard to those microbes whose action upon edible substances results in the deterioration of that substance and hence makes them toxic.  The mechanism of action of these microbes is quite interesting…
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Different Factors That Cause Food Spoilage
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Extract of sample "Different Factors That Cause Food Spoilage"

Download file to see previous pages The mechanism of action of these microbes is quite interesting. For example, some microbes release enzymes into the liquid surrounding them and absorb nutrition from the fluid digested externally. On top of that, this process of digestion leaves behind a residue of toxic waste, which is poisonous. That is why food items (both natural and processed) with high fluid content tend to be more susceptible to spoilage. So this is one internal or intrinsic condition for food spoilage.
Also, the vulnerability of a food item for a microbe attack is largely determined by its classification. Food such as carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are made up of organic compounds, whose nutrition attracts microbes. On the other hand vitamins and minerals have nothing to offer the microbes so they leave them alone. So, how organic a food determines its vulnerability to microbes. This again is an intrinsic factor.
A fundamental extrinsic factor is a temperature. Only at a suitable temperature range can microbes survive (this is why refrigerators are effective in preserving food). It is measured that temperature between 0 and 60 degrees Celsius is the most conducive for microbe growth, with more microbial action at temperatures closer to 60 degrees and lesser microbial action at temperatures closer to 0 degrees. At the same time, too much heat is also detrimental to the survival of microbes. Any rise in the surrounding temperature above 60 degrees can quickly destroy both the microbes and their enzyme excretions. Insights into the understanding of temperatures and microbe activity in food are applied in the design of refrigerators, pressure cookers, and ovens. Different food items have different ranges of ideal temperatures.
We saw how the fluid content in food is a breeding ground for microbes. But external water, which usually manifests in the form of moisture or humidity, can also play a role in food spoilage.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Different Factors That Cause Food Spoilage Assignment.
(Different Factors That Cause Food Spoilage Assignment)
Different Factors That Cause Food Spoilage Assignment.
“Different Factors That Cause Food Spoilage Assignment”.
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