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The Dermal-Epidermal Junction - Dissertation Example

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The paper “The Dermal-Epidermal Junction” analyzes the part of an integumentary system composed of the different layers protecting internal organs and tissues. It’s the external barrier between the environment with its pathogens and hazards and the core systems of the human body…
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The Dermal-Epidermal Junction
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Download file to see previous pages Some processes of excretion and gas exchange are also related to skin physiology (Marks, 1991; Powel, 1994). Skin also is the afferent part of the tactile analyzer (Pugliese, 2001). Nevertheless, the main function of the skin is protective. Different physiological mechanisms provide the protection from mechanical, thermal, chemical and biological factors (Pugliease, 2001). Thus the presence of melanocytes and skin pigmentation is an important factor in preventing UV caused lesions such as photodermatitis and skin cancer (Abdulla et al., 2005). The function of the cutaneous gland is important for normal microbiota persisting which is an antagonist to the potential dangerous transitory microorganisms. On the other hand, the skin could be the portal of the entry of infection. (Scanlon, 2005)
Fig. 1 demonstrated the histological structure of human skin. Generally, it consists of several layers. The external layer is epidermis and its structure has multi-layer pattern also. Dependently on the localization it can be very thin (60 μ for the epidermis of eyelids) or thick (around 1 mm for plantar epidermis). Because the epidermis has no blood vessels than all metabolic processes in this epithelial structure are proceeding through the basement membrane which has the mesenchymal origin ( Pugliese, 2001). The dermis (or corium) is the major component of human skin. It underlies the epidermis and its thickness is varied (3–5 mm) but less than the thickness of the epidermis. Dependently on the presence of hair follicles, the skin could be classified as glabrous and hair-bearing skin. The glabrous skin can be found in the palmar and plantar areas, lips, mamma areola and pigmented perianal epithelium ( ). Other parts of body surface are covered with hair-bearing skin. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Dermal-Epidermal Junction Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 8000 Words)
The Dermal-Epidermal Junction Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 8000 Words.
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