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Developing a Prehospital/Paramedic CPI for Spinal Cord Injury - Essay Example

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The paper "Developing a Prehospital/Paramedic CPI for Spinal Cord Injury" details a new performance indicator for spinal cord injury for ambulance and paramedic services, in particular, leveraging the recent literature on paramedic and ambulance clinical performance indicator or CPI development…
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Developing a Prehospital/Paramedic CPI for Spinal Cord Injury
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Extract of sample "Developing a Prehospital/Paramedic CPI for Spinal Cord Injury"

Download file to see previous pages The value of clinical performance indicators or CPIs lies in their ability to shore up services quality as well as to provide metrics for measuring the quality of services and other relevant indicators in healthcare, with the goal of improving care and patient outcomes in the long term. They form a kind of foundation and a structure, as well as a repository for best practices. The key uses are in the appropriate assessment and improvement of healthcare services in general, and in recent years, there have been attempts to extend the use of CPIs in settings prior to hospital admissions, such as in ambulance and paramedic settings, where critical care sometimes can make all the difference between life and death and poor and great patient and recovery outcomes. What a CPI is fundamentally is a tool for assessment for various protocols in healthcare, and in paramedic settings, they can be used as tools for the assessment of the delivery of emergency ambulance services, among others. The assessment is made in the context of being able to monitor and to assess key functions in management, governance, and support, that all have a bearing on the care outcomes of patients. Here quality in healthcare is measured in terms of how well health services are able to achieve the targeted health outcomes for patients, making use of the best available medical practices and knowledge. As a tool for assessment, therefore, the value of the CPI for any procedure or condition lies in the excellence of its crafting. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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