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Effect of herbal products on perceptions or memory (Literature review) - Research Proposal Example

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Shaw (1998, p.294) presents the World Health Organization statistics indicating that 80 percent of residents in developing nations rely on conventional herbal medicines. Herbal products are also rampant in the developed countries such as Australia and America. In UK, the growth…
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Effect of herbal products on perceptions or memory (Literature review)
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Extract of sample "Effect of herbal products on perceptions or memory (Literature review)"

Download file to see previous pages Because of the increase in unchecked quality, standard, and safety of the product for use (Starling 2006, p.6).
The escalating use of herbal products on UK markets that is evident through the increased sales. The growing usage of the herbal products makes it a critical concern to ascertain its safety for consumption (Reynor et al. 2011, p.2). The women perceive herbal products to pose adverse consequences on their health. UK government should invest and funds researches meant to explore the effects of the herbal products on its citizens. The study herein evaluates the effects of herbal products and perception.
The research encounters several ethical issues that the researcher must address in his or her study. The issue of honesty is very critical when conducting the research. The researcher must exercise honesty in all scientific disseminations he or she conducts. The second issue is maintenance and exercising of high level of integrity in the research. He or she must keep all the promises and agreements and act with sincerity as per the subjects’ anticipation. The researcher must remain respectful towards the subjects. He or she seek for permission from the subjects before conducting the research and ensure no to exceed the limits accorded when researching. The researcher must ensure not to invade the privacy and confidential part of the subjects.
Cannabis is one of the controversial herbal products used across the globe both for medicinal and recreational purposes. The herbal product faces a heated debate on whether to legalize the drug for use for medicinal purposes in hospitals.
Literature search involved comprehensive evaluation of scholarly online indexing and abstracting databases via Google search engine. On the scholarly database, the literature is available by keying the research topic. The database offers a broad range of peer-reviewed articles. The point of interest in the literature review is to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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