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EMG muscle activity in various rehabilitation exercises - Research Proposal Example

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The exercises under focus are leg press, squats, leg extensions comprising of different variables such as two foot placement on leg…
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EMG muscle activity in various rehabilitation exercises
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Download file to see previous pages In their analysis, the pressure an individual suffers on the joint of his or her knees is four times the body weight of an individual (Rubin, 2000; Sing, 2012). This is an indication that an everyday pressure on the knees can result to pain (Vogt, 2011). However, there are a number of muscle activities or exercises that can help in the reduction of this knee joint pain. This research aims at identifying these exercises and coming up with information that explains their effectiveness in the reduction of pain within the knees of an individual.
This research will use the quantitative methods of data collection. The specific method to be used is the electromyography (Creswell, 2003). Electromyography is a diagnostic procedure that medical experts use for purposes of assessing the health of individual muscles, and the nerve cells which have the capability of controlling the motor neurons. The EMG relies on the motor neurons for purposes of transmitting signals that have the capability of causing muscles to contract (Pons, 2013). The EMG will thereafter transmit these signals into sounds, graphs and numerical values which a specialist will interpret. It is these results that the researcher will use in analyzing and coming up with a conclusion on the best exercise that can be used for purposes of controlling and treating knee joint pains (Subic, 2000).
This research will help in understanding this concept of knee joint pains. It will identify different exercises that can be used for purposes of reducing knee pains. In this regard, this research is important because its recommendations can be used for purposes of treating pains on the joints of a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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