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Critically evaluate whether Exercise and / or Physical Activity interventions provide an important therapeutic benefit for people suffering from chronic renal disease - Essay Example

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CKD can progress to chronic renal failure at the end stage (ESRF).The primary function of kidney is to perform both regulatory and excretory processes. At this stage, the kidneys…
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Critically evaluate whether Exercise and / or Physical Activity interventions provide an important therapeutic benefit for people suffering from chronic renal disease
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Extract of sample "Critically evaluate whether Exercise and / or Physical Activity interventions provide an important therapeutic benefit for people suffering from chronic renal disease"

Download file to see previous pages Renal replacement therapy can be defined as any treatment aimed at removing waste products or excess fluids from the body. This can be done through dialysis or kidney transplants. Drugs are also administered to act as supplements the functions of residual functions. It becomes imperative to have renal replacement to cater for partial or absolute kidney loss. The aim of this essay is to critically analyze the value of exercise on patients suffering from renal failure.
Renal failure is associated multi-systemic dysfunction. These include abnormalities of cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems. The conditions are also evidenced by imbalances in terms of acids and bases and psychosocial disorders. Renal failure can result from kidney infections, diabetes and endovascular diseases (Kouidi 2001). In addition, renal failure can precipitate conditions like heart failure, vascular diseases and other conditions. This calls for careful assessment of the choice of dialysis mode to the individual patients suffering from end stage renal failure. Positive clinical outcomes are dictated by the choice of effective and sustainable treatment methods (Painter & Carey 2000). This stage is composed of symptoms like generalized lethargy, neurological dysfunction, and vomiting and sleep disorder. The transition is always evidenced by symptoms of uremia. Kidney failure is associated with muscle failure. The muscle failure leads to physical impairment. Training is said to improve the quality of lives and the performance of people suffering from this condition. The actual consequence of little-power exercise is yet to be entirely acknowledged. More that 400 Americans are said to suffer from end state kidney disease. This goes a long way to maintain life (Levy& Brown 2004). The principal dialysis techniques include the ambulatory peritoneal and heamodialysis. Ambulatory peritoneal entails removing the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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