Neuronal and Cellular Signalling: Preparation and partial characterisation of rat brain synaptosomes, myelin and mitochondria - Lab Report Example

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For example, for sample h the absorbance was 0.068, and the interpolated amount was 1.104 µg.
Theoretically, the values in test tubes 3 and 4…
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Neuronal and Cellular Signalling: Preparation and partial characterisation of rat brain synaptosomes, myelin and mitochondria
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Download file to see previous pages In turn, oligomycin will inhibit the synthesis of ATP of mitochondria as well as glycogenolysis and glycolysis respectively. This resulted to the problems encountered during the rate of choline uptake by the synaptosomes. The composition of this mixture with the choline is identical to the Na+ ion medium, and there was the replacement of NaCl by the choline chloride respectively.
The addition of Normal 1 and normal to the test-tubes will generally lower the inhibition rate as compared to 5, 6(deoxyglucose ) and oligomycin. With the lowered inhibition rate, the will be an increase in choline uptake by the synaptosomes. ATP synthesis will also be inhibited as well leading to the increase in choline uptake.
Similarly, when 6(2-deosyglucose and olygomycin will also induce chemical anoxia in the synaptosomes as well as the mitochondria, however, there will be a slight increase synthesis of ATP inhibition as well as glycogenolysis and glycolysis that will eventually further increase the rate of choline uptake that will slightly increase.
The protein content was highest in the pure mitochondrial fraction and lowest in the p2 fraction. The order of the distribution of proteins from the highest to the lowest was pure mitochondria, myelin, partially pure mitochondria, synaptosomes, homogenate and P2 fraction. This distribution implies that there is little protein in the synaptosomes and that the higher quantity of protein in the pure mitochondrial fraction can be attributed to the presence of various respiratory enzymes. My recovery process was efficient because the sum of the percentages of the different fractions as proportions of P2 pellet protein gave 99.9%.
There exist mechanisms of choline uptake namely a saturable high-affinity and a high capacity low-affinity uptakes (Blusztajn and Wurtmman 617). Hemicholinium 3 inhibits the uptake of high-affinity choline uptake, but poor in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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