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The author analyzes the article which focuses on the response of the body from a stimulus-induced in the brain externally. These studies were conducted to gain insight into the reactions portrayed by people suffering from schizophrenia. The studies are aimed at understanding how a human brain works.   …
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Analysis of Out of Body Experience Your Brain Is to Blame Article
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number The human brain is a very multifaceted organ that receives and sends information to the body depending on the stimulus. The integrity of the brain responses can be altered. This chapter of the article focuses on the response of the body from a stimulus induced in the brain externally. These studies were initially conducted to gain insight on the reactions portrayed by people suffering from schizophrenia and epilepsy. In addition, the studies are aimed at understanding how a human brain works and how it responds when certain sections are triggered.
An out of-body-experience is a state when the self disengages from the body and lives in a fantasy world of its own. It is a creation of the brain in response to certain trigger or stimulus induced to the brain or from the internal body senses. This experience can be induced externally by delivering mild electric current to specific parts of the brain. In the article, Dr. Blanke attached electrodes in to a 22-year-old woman brain to check the language areas. When a current is applied, the woman turned her head to the right saying she had a weird sensation that there was someone else lying on the bed with her (Blakeslee 2).
Dr. Olaf Blanke is a neurologist at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland. He conducted studies on the responses of the brain when external stimulus is induced.
Multisensory processing regions are areas in the brain that combine information from various sensory organs to create a wholeness of perception. According to the article, schizophrenics experience delusions and they may even confuse their action as those of another person. For example, they may feel they are being followed even when it is obviously not true.
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Blakeslee, Sandra. Out of body experience? Your brain is to blame. The New York Times, 3 Oct, 2006. Web. 30 Oct 2014. Read More
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