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The author of the present research paper "The Problems Developing A Healthy Living Programme" underlines that a healthy lifestyle refers to the positive way of living whereby people have complete mental, physical, and social state, without any diseases affecting them…
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The Problems Developing A Healthy Living Programme
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Download file to see previous pages The main goal of this paper is to be to summarize a student's essay on living a healthy lifestyle. Herein, the essay describes the benefits that are associated with living a good lifestyle through various proven media reports, empirical studies, and statistical reports among other methods. The individual can live a healthy lifestyle by waking up early in the morning, drinking plenty of water, regularly exercising through jogging or going for a walk and then taking a heavy breakfast. Individuals should be careful to consume only healthy foods. Consequently, an individual should concentrate on their duties during the day, keep a smiley face, believe in him or herself, exercise again in the evening, take a light supper, and rest to bed on time (Troost et al. 2). This essay calls for the importance of adapting to a good lifestyle since it is beneficial to an individual in that; it provides energy to the body, improves individual moods and fun, gives confidence and improved self-esteem, saves money, improves one's charisma, reduces stress, leads to a better sleep, and lastly, prevents diseases.
The first point of the essay is that living a healthy lifestyle gives individual energy and prevents infection by diseases. By choosing the best types of food to eat, an individual can gain energy and this eventually leads to living an enjoyable life at the end (Caton, 5). Exercising too is very beneficial since it keeps the body muscles relaxed, hence keeping the individual energized. Through research, many individuals confirm that they exercise on a daily basis to keep them healthy and fit. Additionally, person muscles relax and gain strength through simple daily exercises such as jogging, walking, or weight lifting. Statistical research has also proved that individuals who live a healthy lifestyle are able to control their body weight and maintain good body shape. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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