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Integrated pest management - Assignment Example

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They are potential cause for farm revenue losses, product contamination as well as store damage. Pigeons are common pest and usually nest…
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Integrated pest management
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Download file to see previous pages IPM makes use of the information about the interaction of pests with their environment as well as their life cycles. The information obtained about the life cycle of a given pest and how it relates with its surroundings is integrated with common pest control approaches to achieve an economical pest control approach that is friendly to both the environment and human life (Radcliffe, Hutchison & Cancelado, 2008).
Grains are the main food for pigeons and people will usually feed pigeons unknowingly by spilling food or grains inside or around grocery stores. These pests usually roost in high areas and often nest in steeples and vents within buildings as well as any other protected region. An integrated pest management plan provides four fundamental stages for effectively controlling pigeon infestation of grocery store. Based on IPM pest management approach, a person will set an action threshold, monitor and identify pests, install prevention, and implement control measures if the prevention technique fails (Koul, Cuperus & C.A.B. International, 2007).
Pigeons can cause damage and disease through droppings, which can cause human injuries through slips and fall and also increase the rate at which grain structures wear out. An economic danger becomes evident where one observes vast quantity of droppings, flocks of pigeons within or around the store. After identifying the economic threat in annual infestation by pigeons, the owner of the store can thus implement prevention measures to discourage the pigeons from coming back to the store. The owner of the store should work on making roosting as well as nesting areas for pigeons inhospitable. The store owner can fill the vents or voids from which the pigeons access the store. He or she can make comfortable pigeon resting areas stay in a slanting position so that they have difficult time perching on them. Also, balloons and scarecrows, including ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Integrated Pest Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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