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The more advances that are made in Medicine, the more things stay the same. Discuss - Scholarship Essay Example

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As much as this is true, what remains a real wonder is the continued increase of antibiotic resistance in communities, health centers, as well as the environment affiliated to their…
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The more advances that are made in Medicine, the more things stay the same. Discuss
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Extract of sample "The more advances that are made in Medicine, the more things stay the same. Discuss"

Download file to see previous pages The likely development of resistance or tolerance compromises the successful application of therapeutic from the first day of usage. This applies to agents in the treatment of fugal, bacterial, viral, and parasitic infections in addition to the treatment of chronic ailments including diabetes and cancer among many more. Furthermore, it is true to diseases caused by living things among them animals, human beings, plants, insects, and fish.
Fifty years after the discovery of infectious agents, the discovery and application of antibiotics provided an immediate solution to one of the main diseases that wiped communities (Correll, 2001, p. 1708). They took a major step in revolutionizing medicine in various perspectives. Doctors saved millions of lives since then to date. The discovery of antibiotics became a turning point in the history of humanity. Sadly, continued use of antibiotics resulted into the development of resistance resulting in the appearance of strains resistant to drugs. Experts in the medical profession now send a warning that the world would easily return to the ear before the discovery of antibiotics. Reports from the World Health Organization show that at present, there are more than twenty thousand genes with the capacity to resistant treatment. Scholars refer to these genes as the r genes. The more than twenty thousand genes are in more than four hundred different types. Health experts have the capacity to predict the genome impacts (Deutsch, 2007, p. 121). The good side of it is that there are few of such functional resistance within pathogens.
Over the past sixty years academicians have delved into writing literature that describes the biochemistry and genetics of origins, various ways of antibiotic resistance, and evolution. Form of action, antibiotic discovery, as well as perspectives of resistance continue to produce productive topics for research in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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