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The author states that a Boston –area hospital was made to pay an equivalent amount of$1.5 million for the settlement of allegations of violation of the HIPAA security rule. According to the author, a personal laptop was stolen which contained unencrypted electronic protected…
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HIPAA and Security Breaches
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HIPAA and Security Breaches HIPAA and Security Breaches Boston-area hospital to pay 5 million to settle HIPAA violation paver security breach
The author states that a Boston –area hospital was made to pay an equivalent amount of$1.5 million for the settlement of allegations of violation of the HIPAA security rule. According to the author, a personal laptop was stolen which contained unencrypted electronic protected health information of patients and research subjects. this was a result of the hospital co follow the rule of conducting a risk analyses, implement security measures, lack of adoption of restricted access to authorized user only and lack of proper ways to report and respond to security incidents like laptop theft. This failure was established by an investigation carried out by OCR that made an observation that this failures were in existence for a long time.
The OCR’s actions have widely shown that the agency is continuing to heighten its enforcement efforts which can impose significant financial penalties for those entities not following to the laid down producers by the HIPAA
This article clearly out line the HIPAA security rules making it informative, additionally, the information is supported by clear evidence. This information can be used for further studies and research since its present real life ongoing issue especially in medicine field
HIPAA Security: Harsh Fines, Penalties Are a Wake-up Call to Us All
After the HITECH act was affected which provided for the amendment of HIPAA privacy and security rules, the penalty charge for breach of patient information which is under the violation of patients’ right under HIPAA the penalty was revised with a maximum of $250,000. The author notes that covered entities should ensure they are in compliance with the HIPAA privacy and security rules. To show how this venture is the OCR is imposing penalties in the millions all to protect patient information
Medical employees are also involved in the breach of security this information is stolen and sold to identity theft conspirators. This article is used to show explain how OCR view the patient information with much serious than depicted by many. This penalties which can be called harsh, are mainly used as a wake up call to medical institutions and everybody.
This is a rich source of legal background that made it possible for the HIPAA to be enacted it offers clear information on the issue of penalties and explain why they were enacted.
HIPPA Violation
Certain law and standards are put in place in health care business. The healthy portability and accountability HIPAA was established to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of health care system, among the HIPAA law includes a privacy rule and security rule. These rules are used to protect individuals’ medical records and other personal health information. The rule also gives the patients’ right over their health information, which includes the right to examine and obtain a copy of their health record
The article explains how this information is protected and in case of the set down procedure is violated, the penalties involved. According to the author its best for any person to be aware of the rights what is expected of them.
HIPAA Security: Harsh Fines, Penalties Are a Wake-up Call to Us All. Retrieved on 22 Feb. 2014, from Lisa G. R. 2009 How HIPAA Violations Affect the Medical Billing Process HCR 220- Claims Preparation Clean Bills of Health University of Phoenix. Retrieved on 22 Feb. 2014, from <
Sarah J. 2013, Hippa Violation. Rasmussen College. Retrieved on 22 Feb. 2014, from
Thompson C.P Boston-area hospital to pay $1.5 million to settle HIPAA violation paver security breach. Retrieved on 22 Feb. 2014, from Read More
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