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- List relevant regulations for information security in an industry segment of your choice. Healthcare (HIPPA) - Assignment Example

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Technological advancement has seen communications made easier through the internet, mobile phones, fax and the likes. Interaction has been made…
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ASSIGNMENT - List relevant regulations for information security in an industry segment of your choice. Healthcare (HIPPA)
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Extract of sample "- List relevant regulations for information security in an industry segment of your choice. Healthcare (HIPPA)"

Download file to see previous pages Innovation can generally be defined as changing or creating more effective and efficient processes, products and ideas that increase the likelihood of business succeeding. For the business, innovation could mean implementing new ideas, creation of more dynamic products and improving the already existing products. Businesses that employ technology create more effective and efficient work processes and have better performance and productivity (Brotby, 2009). Technology can catalyze the growth and success of the business and enable the adaptation of business in the marketplace. For a business to compete strongly in the market, the ability to come up with new strategies, products or even services play an important role in ensuring that the business forge onwards. This creativity is usually deemed to produce products of higher quality, smarter and more enticing to the clients (Cuff, 2014).
In this study, however, we discuss the impact of technology as far as regulation for information security is concerned. In the healthcare security, technology has an undisputable crucial role to play, otherwise known as the Electronic protected health information (ePHI). However, ePHI is run by the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), which specifically focuses on safeguarding it (Khansa, Cook, James & Bruyaka, 2012). All the entities covered by the HIPAA, which includes a number of federal agencies must comply with the security regulation; which primarily deals with the safeguarding of the confidentially, integrity and the presence of ePHI as outlined in the security rule or regulation. Some of the regulations covered by the HIPAA for information security are outlined below (Khansa, Cook, James & Bruyaka, 2012). The first one is the security standards or the general rules. This is an explanation of all the requirements ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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ASSIGNMENT - List Relevant Regulations for Information Security in an.
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