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Education/prevention on Teenage Pregnancy in the Central Valley, CA - Annotated Bibliography Example

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Arai discusses the factors that have exacerbated the problem that is teenage pregnancy and enlists a stiff and narrow-scoped educational curriculum, the relational gap…
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Education/prevention on Teenage Pregnancy in the Central Valley, CA
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Extract of sample "Education/prevention on Teenage Pregnancy in the Central Valley, CA"

Download file to see previous pages curriculum and expanding it, so that sex education and the use of contraceptives, working on parent-teenage children relations through the strengthening of family values and liberalizing access to contraceptives by teenagers.
In this book, Chambers and Wakley devote their effort to finding long-term solutions to teenage pregnancy. The duo insist that there cannot be a proper solution to the menace of unwanted teenage pregnancy, if the cause of the same is not analyzed, just as it is impossible to effectively treat an illness without the provisions of diagnoses. Chambers and Wakley point out at the inherent sexual drive among teenagers, the disparity between the liberal culture [towards sex and morality] and the restrictive culture [which forbids teenagers from accessing contraceptives] and the actual need for these contraceptives.
Chambers and Wakley find great use of qualitative research from secondary sources such as journals, newspaper articles and books. Because of this, authorities in the field of education, reproductive health and sociology are extensively cited.
In this book, Farber seeks to address the main underpinnings [according to him] of the problem of teenage pregnancy. He identifies them as government policy and the extent of preventive services that have been put in place to check against teenage pregnancy. According to Farber, government policy is to blame as a harbinger of unwanted pregnancy. For instance, Farber sees government policy as being an impediment, through its incrimination of teenagers’ access to contraceptives. Farber points out that while the government thinks that it is parrying away the dangers and possibility of teenage sex by keeping teenagers away from contraceptives, the truth of the matter is that such measures expose teenagers to the risk of sexually transmitted diseases [STDs] and unwanted pregnancies, since condoms and morning-after pills are kept away from teenagers’ reach. He then draws out spates of measures that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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