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Vitiligo - Book Report/Review Example

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It is a skin disease, whose cause or origin have still not been discovered properly, and it is recognized or diagnosed by the appearance of white mascules on the skin, which…
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Extract of sample "Vitiligo"

Download file to see previous pages The people being affected by this disease suffer not only from aesthetic problems, but their social life is damaged as well. Some people suffering from this disease feel uncomfortable while appearing in public due to their appearance. This is very unfortunate because usually this disease appears before the age of twenty and can ruinous, cosmetically and socially.
Vitiligo is most likely to appear on the face or the various limb regions. The way in which this disease proceeds is still unknown and the treatment varies from case to case. Depigmentation in this process is mainly due to psychological problems, such as stress and a low quality of life. Vitiligo can appear at any age. Even babies, who were six weeks old, have been diagnosed with this disease. About one percent of the world population has been affected by Vitiligo, with most cases being under the age of twenty. It can occur in men and women, and does not vary from skin type or race; anyone can be a victim to this disease. Vitiligo, as mentioned earlier, can be very damaging to a person’s self-esteem and he or she feels do not feel like going out in public. People with darker skin become more distressed, because discoloration and appearance of white mascules, are more visible on their skin. Vitiligo can be divided into two parts: nonsegmental, which is more common, and segmental. Non-segmental Vitiligo is described as a discoloration of the skin, which is portrayed by white patches on the skin, which are symmetrical in nature, and their sizes increase with time. While segmental Vitiligo appears with a more one sided distribution, and take the shape of a branch on nerves coming from a single spinal nerve. Discoloration or the white patches due to Vitiligo tend to itch and get sunburnt easily. (1).
Vitiligo is a disease which has various and complicated causes. The discoloration and the emergence of white patches can be brought about a variety of causes. Many people have ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Vitiligo Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words - 1.
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