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Health Sciences - Biostatistic Questions - Assignment Example

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This examination has 11 pages (inclusive of front cover). This examination has 5 questions. PART A – 4 questions (80%) PART B – 1 question (20%) TOTAL Marks for exam = 50 WEIGHTING = 45% of final grade Materials supplied: EXAMINATION PAPER – PART A and B DATASET FOR PART B Any hand-held calculators are allowed…
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Health Sciences - Biostatistic Questions
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Download file to see previous pages You will be required to open and use the dataset which has been posted on blackboard. Your solutions should be typed and you should clearly show any intermediate steps so partial marks may be assigned. Please ensure that a title page has been attached. Good Luck! PART A Question 1 [ 10 Marks] Adapted from Dawson B and Trapp RG “Basic and Clinical Biostatistics” McGraw-Hill 2001. a) Tables are a very useful way to display relationships. When two measures are of interest, the purpose of the study generally determines which measure is viewed within the context of the other. Suppose investigators are interested in the relationship between levels of patient medication compliance and their type of USA health insurance coverage. If they wish to show the percentage of patients with different types of insurance coverage within each of the three levels of patient compliance which of the two tables (1a, 1b) should investigators use in their paper to show this relationship? Briefly explain your choice of table. Table 1a Percentages Based on Level of Compliance (Column %) Level of Compliance with Medication Insurance Coverage Low Medium High Medicaid 30 20 15 Medicare 20 25 30 Medicaid and Medicare 5 5 5 Other Insurance 10 30 40 No Insurance 35 20 10 Table 1b Percentages Based on Insurance Coverage (Row %) Level of Compliance with Medication Insurance Coverage Low Medium High Medicaid 45 30 25 Medicare 25 35 40 Medicaid and Medicare 33 33 33 Other Insurance 15 35 50 No Insurance 55 30 15 [2 marks] Solution The investigators should use table 1a since it is the one which gives the percentage of patients with different types of insurance Coverage within each of the three levels of patient compliance. One way to know this is that percentage within each level of patient compliance should add up to 100% fi there are no missing entries. b) For the following frequency distribution of scores: i) What is the mode? The mode is 32 because it is the number that appears most. ii) What is the total number of scores? iii) What is the frequency of the score 28? Frequency of score 28 is 8 iv) What percentage of observations has a score less than 31? The percentage of observations with score less than 31 is v) What is the median? The median score is 30 vi) What is the mean? The mean is 29.405 vii) What is the standard deviation? The standard deviation is 5.833 viii) What is the range? The range is 6 [8 marks] Question 2 [12 marks] a) A large, population-based study estimated that 65% of all Australian children regularly eat fruit. In a random sample of 70 Australian children, what is the probability that at least 50 regularly eat fruit? Show your working (raw output of Stata commands is not required). [2 marks] The test statistic is given by A probability corresponding to this test statistic is 0.8697 b) In the same random sample of 70 children, what is the probability that between 40 and 45 children regularly eat fruit? Show your working (raw output of Stata commands is not required). [3 marks] Corresponding to 40 children Corresponding to 45 children The probability that between 40 and 45 children regularly eat fruit is 0.3645 c) A national aptitude exam is administered annually to sixth graders. The test has a mean score of 78 and a standard deviation of 13. If Suzie’s z-score is 1.5, what was her score on the test? Show your working. [1 mark] Solving for the x gives a score of 97.5. There for Suzie’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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