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 This assignment "What is the Point of Vaccination" discusses not vaccinating child due to vaccine safety issues. The assignment analyses some of the issues involved in why certain diseases are not seen in the Americas but still seen in developing countries…
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What is the Point of Vaccination
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 Foremost, I would inform the client that clinical scientific data has not produced concrete evidence showing that administration of vaccines results to specific side effects such as allergies, sudden infant death syndrome or autism (Mackay and Rosen 1044). Moreover, the chances of adverse side effects to the daughter are very minimal owing to past statistics. For example, the chance of adverse side effects in most vaccinations such as paralysis in oral poliovirus vaccine is estimated at about 1 vaccine recipient in a million (Mackay and Rosen 1044).

Foremost, certain vaccines for diseases, such as the poliovirus vaccine, are heat-labile (Mackay and Rosen 1044). Consequently, they are difficult and expensive to administer in certain areas since several doses are required. Moreover, the polio vaccine lacks the benefit of a simple test that indicates the success of vaccination. Consequently, this has contributed to its persistence in other areas such as Africa. In addition, the Global Alliance for Vaccines faces the daunting task of increasing global childhood vaccination rates to 90% and over (Mackay and Rosen 1045). Read More
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What Is the Point of Vaccination Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 304 Words.
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