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Debate on vaccination - Essay Example

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A vaccination is an injection that produces immunity in the body against an organism that has either been killed or weakened and contained in that particular injection. Consequently, a vaccine can be said to be the product contained in the vaccination. Several types of vaccines…
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Debate on vaccination
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Extract of sample "Debate on vaccination"

Download file to see previous pages For instance, the vaccination against smallpox used cowpox, which was a poxvirus resembling smallpox to defend against it but did not cause any major illness. Vaccinations are done during the formative years of a person’s life even though this does not hinder an adult to go for vaccination. Children die of diseases each year since they are susceptible to infections due to their fragile immune systems. They are weak because they are young, and their bodies have not built immunities to these diseases. Therefore, the best way to protect children from such diseases is through vaccination (Sprigg 32).
Several parents believe that vaccines are not safe for their children. However, it is more painful when a young life is taken by the infection of a killer disease because the child was not vaccinated. Ailments kill children each year. Children are more susceptible to infection due to their feeble immune systems. They are weak because they have not yet stayed alive enough to develop mechanisms for fighting infections. “…Unlike remedial treatment, vaccination provides a lifetime of protection from deadly diseases…and ensure healthier children, families and communities.” (Seth).
Although vaccinating children can help prevent certain diseases, there are still many parent that are refusing to vaccinate their children. Vaccines against disease such as polio and MMR should be mandatory for all children who wish to attend school. These vaccinations can control the spread of deadly diseases, help protect children that are not able to get vaccinated and can save family time and money. However, many parents and guardians have failed or refused to take their children for vaccination due to a number of ideologies that have been propagated about vaccination over time. Some of the ideologies have been brought about by fears while others by misconceptions about the process of immunization ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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