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The aim of this paper "Body Mass Index" is to evaluate the subject of obesity, one of America’s health problems. BMI is used to determine an individual’s height and weight, and whether an individual is obese. Determination of Body Mass Index is established through the formula. …
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Body Mass Index
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This is done to all categories. H in the normal BMI is 59.997 inches, in the overweight category, 54.75 inches, in the obese category the height is 54 inches, and below. The actual height of Angelina Jolie is 5 foot and 8 inches. This is equal to 68 inches since 1 foot is equal to 12 inches (Smith et al., 2005). This makes her placed under the category of underweight. This category ranges from 70 inches to 60 inches (after rounding off 69.6 and 59.997 to the nearest whole number). Her height should be ranging from 54.75 inches to 59.997 inches for her to fall under the normal weight status.
The difference in calculations and actual figures may occur due to rounding off to the adjacent full number. The timing may also matter such that, she might have gained or lost some weight from the time the data was collected to now. In summary, Angelina Jolie falls in the category of underweight based on the facts and calculations. Read More
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