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Body Mass Index - Assignment Example

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The aim of this paper "Body Mass Index" is to evaluate the subject of obesity, one of America’s health problems. BMI is used to determine an individual’s height and weight, and whether an individual is obese. Determination of Body Mass Index is established through the formula. …
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Body Mass Index
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Extract of sample "Body Mass Index"

This is done to all categories. H in the normal BMI is 59.997 inches, in the overweight category, 54.75 inches, in the obese category the height is 54 inches, and below. The actual height of Angelina Jolie is 5 foot and 8 inches. This is equal to 68 inches since 1 foot is equal to 12 inches (Smith et al., 2005). This makes her placed under the category of underweight. This category ranges from 70 inches to 60 inches (after rounding off 69.6 and 59.997 to the nearest whole number). Her height should be ranging from 54.75 inches to 59.997 inches for her to fall under the normal weight status.
The difference in calculations and actual figures may occur due to rounding off to the adjacent full number. The timing may also matter such that, she might have gained or lost some weight from the time the data was collected to now. In summary, Angelina Jolie falls in the category of underweight based on the facts and calculations. Read More
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(Body Mass Index Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 351 Words)
Body Mass Index Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 351 Words.
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The impact of body composition on excercise capacity in subjects with normal body mass index

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...Body Mass Index The body mass index (BMI) is a measure that is used to calculate an individual’s physique based on their height and weight in kilograms or pounds. BMI is calculated by dividing the mass of an individual by the square of their height, and it is denoted by a standard unit of Kg/. BMI is used to determine the suitability of person’s weight to their height. In healthcare, BMI is used to determine a person’s health status with relation to their general health. BMI values range from 18.5 to 25 for a healthy individual, and those that fall below 18.5 are deemed underweight while that above 25 indicates an overweight person. A BMI value that is above 30 suggests that a person is obese (Brownell & Puhl, 2005). Obesity has been...
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Body Mass Index

...Body Mass Index BMI or body mass index is a measure of the human’s body in relation to body height and mass. This conceptwas devised between the 1830s and 1850s by a Belgian polymath called Adolphe Quatelet. Body mass index calculation is arrived by calculating the square of a body mass divided by the square height. To date it is the best proxy of body fat percentage in relation to height and weight. Body fat calculations and measures became paramount due to rising cases of obesity in western countries and enabled professionals to identify and address weight problems both overweight and underweight (Hoeger & Hoeger, 2012). Although it is mainly used for medical diagnosis, it was primarily not intended for that but for classifying sedentary...
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Those body parts with which each gender was most dissatisfied were consistent with the body parts emphasized through ideal images.
It has long been recognized that our body images interact with the world and change in response especially in terms of a culturally defined set of social relations. (Sault, p. 18) Here, it is stressed that every action upon our bodies is a symbolic act that represents our social relationships which in turn are reciprocally related and grow together, with a change in one reflected by a change in the other. The body image system is dynamic, interactive, and so closely integrated that neither body image nor social relations have priority or precedence over the other. (Sault, p. 18)

The mos...
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The willful perversion of facts relating to the representation of Latinos in the U.S. media is disgraceful, inconsiderate and extremely misleading and hence calls for immediate attention to prevent the degradation of a particular section of the society since their depiction and imagery in mass media plays a significant role in shaping their social identity and governs their self-esteem. Television and films both being dominant forms of media persistently depict racial stereotypes which are largely false representations of the
According to U.S. Census (2000), Latinos are the fastest-growing ethnic communities in the United States constituting almost 12.5% of the population of which merely 3 – 4% of the Latino population...
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Psychologists and cultural commentators, on the other hand, tend to view body art as an expression of deeper emotional disturbance with respect to the person’s self-esteem and self-identity. This essay will explore and present different viewpoints on the subject, by way of citing appropriate evidence from scholarly sources.
Body piercing involves the injection of a needle into the body surface so as to make an opening in which jewelry made of various metal alloys may be worn. Apart from the earlobe, common piercing areas include “eyebrows, tongue, nose, tragus, nipple, navel, and the genitalia”. Body piercing is more commonly obtained from tattoo parlors and exclusive piercing studios, although some of thes...
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The most recognized growth indicators of a nation have been GDP. Since HDI is a composite statistic gathered from data on life expectancy, education and GDP per capita, which are measured in three separate units, it faces serious criticisms. This project is meant to highlight the criticisms faced by HDI being used as an indicator of economic development against GDP, which has been so far the most widely used indicator of economic development. But it also takes the other aspects like, life expectancy at birth, literacy rates and living standards which are not considered by the growth index.

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...THE USE OF BODY-MASS INDEX AS A MEASUREMENT OF BODY FAT ABSTRACT The use of body mass index as a method for the measurement and evaluation of body fat is evaluated. Using meta-analysis of the available literature and programs employed to initiate such efforts, the uses and limitations of the technique are described. Alternatives to body mass index are evaluated, described, based upon their comparative utility. A conclusion is supported that different methods of body fat measurement are efficient for various purposes, however for the purposes of large scale screening of a population for likelihood of obesity, body mass index is an efficient means by which obesity can be determined in the interest of health and fitness. INTRODUCTION...
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The Significance of Regular Exercise in the Maintenance of a Healthy Mind and Body physical activities, they are able to burn calories, the more intense the activity they are engaging in, the more the calories they are able to burn. Physical activity increases muscle mass and reduces body fat. It is important to effectively control obesity as it is a key risk-factor for a number of diseases. Using physical exercise to lower the body mass index (BMI) greatly helps in reducing an individual’s risk of dying early and can help in ensuring that people are able to live a healthier life. Regular physical activity can also help in keeping an individual’s learning, judgment and thinking skills sharp. It can also help in reducing the risk of...
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Mass Extinctions, Then and Now

... in climatic conditions while others believed the cause to be the impact of falling asteroids. Over 70 percent of all life species were fatally affected, and extinction followed. Having examined five of the earth’s worst mass extinctions, there is need to address the possibility of what is now visibly, a sixth cataclysmic event, or a sixth mass extinction event (Elizabeth, 2014). It is important to note that the five mass extinctions were caused by a combination of both terrestrial and extra terrestrial factors. The terrestrial factors included lack of oxygen, very rapid changes in climatic conditions and changes in sea levels while the extra terrestrial factors include the impact on earth of heavenly bodies such as asteroids and comets...
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...LOW GLYCAEMIC INDEX DIETS IN THE TREATMENT OF DIABETES MELLITUS By Low Glycaemic Index Diets in the Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease that affects the ability of the body to use the energy found in food. There are two types of diabetes mellitus type 1 and 2. Type 1 occurs when the body fails to produce sufficient insulin while type 2 occurs when the body resists the insulin produced. Insulin is crucial in the body, it is an important hormone that enhances the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream to provide energy. The disorder makes glucose build up in your blood, hence, leading to build up of fats in one’s body. High glucose of blood glucose damages the blood vessels in the heart, eyes...
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