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Effect of Age, Sex and BMI on Cycle Users Speed and Acceleration - Assignment Example

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This paper “Effect of Age, Sex and BMI on Cycle User’s Speed and Acceleration” aimed to analyze whether there is a significant difference in the final speed and acceleration based on rider’s sex, age and body mass index. A sample data was taken from a survey that included journey characteristics…
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Effect of Age, Sex and BMI on Cycle Users Speed and Acceleration
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Download file to see previous pages The tests performed on the sample data were Independent Samples t-Test and ANOVA. The results suggested a significant difference in the final speed and acceleration between male and female riders. Male riders reported higher final speed and acceleration than female riders. Further, there was no significant difference found for the final speed based on age and BMI of the riders and for the acceleration based on the age of the riders. Thus, there is a difference is final speed and acceleration between male and female riders and male reports higher speed and acceleration than female riders.
1.1. Do the speed and acceleration of the cycle users differ by their sex, age, and body mass index? In general, male cycle users show greater speed and acceleration as compared to female cycles users. Similarly, young and middle-aged cycle users show greater speed and acceleration as compared to old aged cycle users. Therefore, this paper aims to analyze the difference in the final speed and acceleration of cycle users based on their gender and age. Further, this paper will analyze whether the speed of the cycle user depends on their body mass index (BMI). For this, a sample data was taken from a survey that included journey characteristics using data derived from global positioning system devices for a cohort of cycle users. The data characterize the accelerations and ultimate speeds in the starting phase after stops (the beginning of the journey, and starts after, for example, give way lines and signal controlled junctions).
2.8. The average final speed of the riders was about 5.98 m/s and varied from its mean by about 1.66 m/s. About half of the riders have a final speed greater than 5.91 m/s. The range of the final speed was 9.40 m/s with minimum and maximum final speed being 1.64 m/s and 11.04 m/s, respectively. As shown in figure 2.3, the distribution of the final speed was approximately normal (Skewness = 0.37). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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