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The paper 'An International Outbreak of Pneumonia' presents the world Health organization which noted that there was an international outbreak of pneumonia in 2003 that was referred to as SARS. The virus spread globally, especially along traveling routes…
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An International Outbreak of Pneumonia
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Download file to see previous pages The objective of this proposal is to find ways on how to protect faces of the health workers and the effectiveness of the facial protective equipment and procedures for control that can be used. This will include reviewing of the literature of environmental, organizational, and individual factors that improves on the effectiveness of health workers. It will also include identification of the framework that will carry on the final research. The major goal of this proposal is to identify Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome and nosocomial; infections of the respiratory tract in relation to the safety of workers and specific areas where further research should focus on. The target audience of this research proposal is the healthcare workers.
The significance of this study is to make workers more effective at their workplaces if they are provided with facial preventive measures. The current events in relation to SARS in healthcare workers of Canada have attracted much attention on how to prevent this epidemic. Facial protection involved the use of a mask and protective eyewear. Following the outbreaks, there is need to ensure that the healthcare workers are protected to prevent future outbreaks and not only in severe acute respiratory syndrome but also other respiratory infections. Following these observations, there is needed to carry out a review on facial protection that would deal with healthcare workers concerns. This influenced me to write a proposal on SARS.
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome is a disease that is spread through respiratory droplets. According to research carried out, SARS is less contagious compared to other respiratory infections. It is important to note that persistent use of infection control measures reduces occurrence of such outbreaks in China, Vietnam, and Singapore. Much attention focused on why the implementation of appropriate precautions failed and the need to promote these precautions in future. It is also evident that sneezing and coughing do not generate highly infectious aerosols compared to mechanical procedures in hospitals. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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