Forces of Magnetism Policies in Hospitals - Assignment Example

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The author states that lack of accomplishment of magnetic forces policies in hospitals or organizations will lead to enhancement of hospital policies to care for and support nurses. These policies include zero tolerance for abuse of measures and practices, addressing nurse exhaustion adequately.  …
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Forces of Magnetism Policies in Hospitals
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My preference is professional progress and growth of staff which is supported by the healthcare association values which ensure that the education environment is constantly evident. This is achieved through the endorsement of programs that support career development, formal educational and trained certification (Chotaw, 2008). Capability –based clinical and management development is promoted and sufficient human and economic resources for all professional progress programs are provided. Support of the magnetic power is lacking because of poor execution of the 14 forces of magnetism.

Setback for magnet program occurs when hospitals lack the unison in the rendering of these services to all hospitals. Programs for private and public nursing institutions do not operate at different policies. Good communication between the administration and the nurses lacks as there is no consultation in the making of decisions. Endorsement of nurse empowerment goals is not successful as a result of high handedness where a nurse was fired for leading a drive for magnetic status. Changes at the hospitals lead to short-staffing and exclusion of nurses from decision making. There are complaints that the program is not monitoring compliance effectively and is used as a tool for promotion. Magnet hospitals lack improved working environment than non-magnetic hospitals (Nather, 2010).  Read More
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