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Physician Assistants as a Filling Gap - Case Study Example

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In the paper “Physician Assistants as a Filling Gap,” the author discusses the role of the physician assistant, which has increased over the past decades in response to the challenges faced in our health care delivery supply, the changing health care need of the population…
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Physician Assistants as a Filling Gap
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Download file to see previous pages I had known her all my life and couldn’t help the elation of pride I felt working with Elizabeth Gobber PA-C. It was my sixth job shadowing experience in health care delivery but it was my first with a Physician Assistant.
I had previously shadowed Dr. Keith Shuey, a rural family doctor who has had great experience with patients of varying kinds, Dr. William Coady, an urban family physician from whom I learned so much, Dr. Asha Wurdeman, a Geriatric Physician who treats her patients with so much compassion that re-enforces my conviction that health care is a perfect synonym for community service, Dr. Jodi Hedrick, OB/GYN from whom I learned how physicians can truly be best friends with patients, and Dr. Judith Scott, OB/GYN who offered me the real opportunity to observe two surgeries and follow her during her round and clinic appointments.
I graduated from Wayne State University in August 2010 having majored in Biology, Chemistry Health Science and psychology. I believe I was born with a heart to serve, and that perhaps was responsible for the great affinity I had for my service at a community service group in my school I had the real privilege to lead. The memories of the smiles on the faces of the retirees to whom we sang Christmas carols every Christmas is something I consider of great value until this moment. The kids for whom we packaged and served food linger today in my mind. I am driven by a desire to serve, especially the underserved in the community, and that again was responsible for my switch from pharmacy to a pursuit of a career in medicine.
In my mind’s eyes, no other school epitomizes health care training better than SLU. The 25th rank awarded the Physician Assistant Education in SLU in the 2012 edition of News and World Report “Best Graduate School” was to me, in reality, No1. Has your school not maintained a 98 percent first-time pass rate in PANCE? ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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