Stigma and Fear Associated with HIV - Essay Example

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Narrow-minded behavior in most of the societies and inflexible social treatment which further strengthens the inbound fear in an HIV patient has no moral and humane standing. Social…
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Stigma and Fear Associated with HIV
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Stigma and fear associated with HIV find its roots in social settings and personal limitations. Narrow-minded behavior in most of the societies and inflexible social treatment which further strengthens the inbound fear in an HIV patient has no moral and humane standing. Social refusal for HIV patient is now taken more seriously by human rights activists and others experts like Timberlake and Sigurdson (2007) who states, “Discrimination based on health status, including HIV, is a human rights violation, and stigma is the social form of this violation.” Stigma associated with HIV is a sort of social disorder which has to be set right through collective efforts and instigating awareness among masses. The self-esteem and personal liberties of the HIV positive person have to the respected to eliminate the fear of social rejection and hatred.
Though, fear is a natural outcome of HIV confirmation but it is essentially a negative sentiment. Fear can causes serious impairments to personal strength and can give birth to social and personal barrier. These off-putting effects of fear may be faced by an actual HIV infected patient or by the people who have some reasons to fear the infection. In any case the cure is the treatment and fight against the heavy personal and social odds. Because fear cannot bring any good to potential and actual HIV patients, the better approach is to face the reality. Dyk (2008) has rightly stated that, “Prevention strategies will continue to be compromised if fear, ignorance, intolerance and discrimination against HIV-positive people persist.” Therefore, elimination of personal fears and social stigma associated with HIV can play a vital role in preventing its spread and protecting those who have already entangled somehow.
Timberlake, S., & Sigurdson, J. (2007). HIV, Stigma, and Rates of Infection: A Human Rights and Public Health Imperative. PLoS Medicine, 4(1), e52, doi:10.1371/journal.pmed.0040052
Dyk, A. V. (2008). HIVAIDS care and counseling (4th ed.). Cape Town, South Africa: Pearson Education. Read More
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Stigma and Fear Associated With HIV Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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