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The impact of lack of exercise and an unbalanced diet on Americans and obesity - Research Paper Example

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This essay describes what is so triggering about obesity, its consequences, and causes of this health condition. Obesity is commonly thought as a disease that is why just like any disease there is a need to work it out on a full-time basis as soon as possible. …
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The impact of lack of exercise and an unbalanced diet on Americans and obesity
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Extract of sample "The impact of lack of exercise and an unbalanced diet on Americans and obesity"

Download file to see previous pages This essay "The impact of lack of exercise and an unbalanced diet on Americans and obesity" outlines the danger of the obesity, its link to the mortality rate and the importance of healthy eating and physical activity in the fight against obesity. There are some of the recent and undesirable effects of obesity as discussed by Smith (1999, p.1-19). He discussed the strong link between obesity and overall mortality, obesity and its influence on the heart and blood vessels, obesity and its contribution on the respiratory system, obesity and its relationship with high blood pressure, obesity and its significant influence on blood lipids, obesity and its strong relationship with type II diabetes, any consequences or effects of obesity on psychosocial, the general effects of obesity on other systems of the body, and the associated cost of diseases with obesity.
The measurement of obesity is based on standardized approach making its detection so easy and simple. This is the good thing about it. According to Cole and Cachera (2002) the criteria for overweight or obesity are based on the levels of adiposity reaching to a given limit for interpretation (p.15). According to them those adults with 25 kg/m2 body mass index (BMI) are under the category of overweight and those who have 30 kg/m2 body mass index are marked obese. Applying this cut-offs to children needs to create further understanding on their ages and their differences of maturation. They explained that these cut-offs screened children at different ages and their differences of maturation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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