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Diabetes and Erectile Dysfuction - Essay Example

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This essay "Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction" represents the definition of the diseases and its types, signs and symptoms which will help to diagnose them, its risk factors and possible treatment in detail described in steps…
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Diabetes and Erectile Dysfuction
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Extract of sample "Diabetes and Erectile Dysfuction"

Download file to see previous pages Signs and symptoms of diabetes (HealthCentralNetwork, 2008):
Type I:
Polyuria, increased thirst, extreme hunger, unexplained loss of weight, extreme fatigue, blurring of vision, irritability, nausea and vomiting.
Type II:
Any symptoms present in type I diabetes, plus the following: unexplained gain of weight, pain, cramping, tingling or numbness in your feet, unusual drowsiness, frequent infections in the vagina or skin, dry, itchy skin and sores that are healing slowly.
Risk Factors of Diabetes
Type I diabetes
Type I diabetes is based genetically and is coupled with abnormal response of the immune system.
Type II diabetes
Type II diabetes has unknown cause; however, experts in medicine believe that type II diabetes has a genetic component. The following are the factors that are believed to be the risk for diabetes (HealthCentralNetwork, 2008):
(1) Sedentary lifestyle
(2) Obesity (weighing 20 percent above a healthy body weight)
(3) Advanced age
(4) Diet that are unhealthy
(5) Positive family history of diabetes
(6) Improper pancreas functioning
(7) Minority race (the risk for diabetes is noted to be higher in Black, Hispanic, American Indian, westernized Asian and native Hawaiian populations)
(8) Medication (such as cortisone and some high blood pressure drugs)
(9) Women who give births to a baby that weighs more than 9 lbs.
(10) Gestational diabetes that is diagnosed previously
(11) Previously diagnosed IGT
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Diabetes and Erectile Dysfuction Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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