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Relationship between the Neurobehavioral Cognitive Status Examination - Dissertation Example

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The purpose of this discussion is to examine the validity of the selected Patient Treatment Form (PTF) when used with traumatic brain injury patients. This assessment will be correlated with two other well normed and well researched assessments. …
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Relationship between the Neurobehavioral Cognitive Status Examination
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Extract of sample "Relationship between the Neurobehavioral Cognitive Status Examination"

Download file to see previous pages As the paper stresses mental status examinations are a series of detailed but simple questions designed to test cognitive ability, including the patient's state of consciousness, appearance and general behavior, mood, content of thought, and intellectual resources such as orientation with reference to time, place, and person and comprehension.
This discussion declares that the patient may be asked to remember objects that had been listed earlier in the course of the exam, repeat sentences, solve simple mathematical problems, or copy a three-dimensional drawing. When speech and language are tested, the examiner listens to the character and fluency of the speech, the patient’s ability to understand and carry out simple or complex commands, and to read and write. In addition to specific questions that make up the actual mental status exam, it is also important that the examiner observes the patient’s general behavior during the examination. The PTF being studied is an in-house form developed as a gauge for assessing cognitive issues and assisting staff towards effective rehabilitation. Though the assessment is being studied in this research for face and construct validity, more specific reliability and validity information will need to be obtained as the study is conducted. The PTF measures various areas of cognitive level through items relating to the pateint’s orientation, awareness, attention, memory, problem solving and reasoning, executive function, visual perception, comprehension, expression, and social / behavior emotional competencies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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