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Holistic Physiotherapy Management - Essay Example

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It is apparent that the case of a teenage cystic fibrosis (CF) patient admitted to hospital with a worsening productive cough has several similar traits with the case of elderly patient admitted with pneumonia. Nevertheless significant differences are also present.
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Holistic Physiotherapy Management
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Holistic Physiotherapy Management

Download file to see previous pages... It is necessary to mention that CF disorder causes abnormal ions and water diffusion in the epithelial surface of the body. In the result obstruction of the lumens and dehydration of secretions are caused by disorder(Brown 2004).
It is observed that the accumulation of viscous secretions is obstructing the exocrine ducts rather slowly and in such a way pulmonary disease is caused. If CF disorder progresses it may cause also pancreatic insufficiency and focal biliary cirrhosis. Related clinical features are often demonstrated by patients with CF disorder.
It is known that sodium and chloride ions in the lungs are not able to diffuse from epithelial cells into the human airways. In the result water is not able to osmosis out from the cells and can't function normally maintaining the necessary hydration of the mucus. Mucus becomes thick and sticky. Patients are found with increased production of sputum and chronic cough. If respiratory infection is present, then the symptoms will significantly aggravate(Murphy 2005).
In contrast to CF syndrome, pneumonia is a restrictive respiratory disorder. Pneumonia is acute inflammation of lung parenchyma. Parenchyma causes consolidation of alveoli by filling them with inflammatory products. Lungs inflammation can be caused by various microbes including bacteria and viruses. Two categories of pneumonia are known:
The paper is focusing on the patient with a community-acquired form ...
That is why it is necessary to say that such form of pneumonia is caused mostly by viruses and bacteria. For example, streptococcus pneumonia is the most common bacteria pneumonia which affects mostly elder population. Nevertheless elder population is also susceptible to other bacterial infections such as Klebsiella pneumoniae, Haemophilus Influenzae and Legionella pneumophilia(Cassell 2004).
Viral infections can also cause pneumonia. Both categories of pneumonia have similar clinical features. The symptoms of bacterial pneumonia are productive cough which is not usual in virus pneumonia. Virus cab lead to loss of mucociliary functions and the patient will be predisposed to bacterial pneumonia. It is the evidence that clinical feature can be the same afterwards(Price 1995).
Speaking about pneumonia and CF disorder, it is necessary to note that pneumonia is more variable than CF disorder. The main reason is that viral and bacterial pneumonia can cause CF disorder. The next reason is that the pneumonia can come from viral and bacterial forms which are resistant to antibiotics and in such a way they are more difficultly treated.
Physiotherapy Assessment
It is a matter of fact that physiotherapy assessment is the most important step, because its aim is to define the most accurate and proper plan of treatment. It is necessary to discuss patient's expected outcome during the assessment in order to maximize the adherence and especially to improve the patient's quality of life, because actually patients suffers greatly and feels constant discomfort because of either CF disorder or pneumonia. It is admitted (Wilfond 1995) that "the measuring of quality of life needs to result in an outcome that is meaningful to health professionals and to patients and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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