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Health Profession - Essay Example

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Health profession is a very general term that refers to anyone working in an environment that is related with healthcare. Be it doctors, nurses, lab assistants, technicians, health researchers even health education all of these professions and a lot more others fall into the category of health professions.
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Health Profession
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Download file to see previous pages The research process (based on scientific principles) is a logical process with procedural specifications that provide a framework for gathering information in many forms. The scientific research process apart from being logical is also objective which means that the process and outcomes are independent of the individuals conducting that process. It is also reductive, as it allows accumulation of large amounts of information and extraction of meaningful generalizations from them and, finally the scientific process is empirical since the conclusions are based on relevant data collected for specific purposes. Research is essential to guide improvements in health systems and develop new initiatives. [1] Although investment has increased in infrastructure for health research over the past decade, gaps remain in evidence to guide reduction of important problems such as communicable diseases, maternal and prenatal conditions, childhood diseases, and nutritional deficiencies. [2]
In the health care profession the key to measuring its success is how it performs in clinical practice and its ability to achieve consistent results in the treatment of patients and this is where research comes into play. It is natural for all professions to grow, transform and improve based on the research conducted in that particular field. Keeping in mind the human desire of a healthier and longer life, the role of research in health professions gains even more importance[3]. The major benefit of research to health profession is that it gives an opportunity to act prospectively rather than reactively to health needs. Research also gives us options. Health researchers have realized that "one size does not fit all" and so research provides a framework for customizing, tailoring, and individualizing opportunities for choice. On the same note, researchers too like leaders or pioneers in any other field have a moral obligation to create opportunities for growth. As leaders in health research, researchers have an obligation to actively support and participate in efforts to organize research, collaborate, and mentor. [4] [6]
Changes and recent major advancements due to research in health professions
Research has been the source of innovation and development of the usual prevalent health professions and almost all the fields have experienced sprouting up of new branches (further sub-divisions) within themselves:
Allopathic Medicine - invention of numerous new drugs and modes of treatment.
Alternative Medicine - currently the area of alternative medicine has become such a vast field that there are probably tens if not hundreds of different alternative healthcare modes of treatment. Some of them are:
Color Therapy
Chinese medicine
Aroma therapy
Clinical Laboratory Services
But even more importantly it is research that has lead to the emergence of fields that add an entirely new dimension to the health profession such as: [5]
Genetics - the study of genes or the working parts of the DNA; it can further be divided into:
cell biology
classical (Mendelian) genetics
molecular genetics
Research advancements have enabled ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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