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Amputation - Essay Example

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The definition of amputation is: the accidental loss of a part of the body, usually an extremity, a finger, or a toe. In case the amputation is complete, the extremity is severed totally, while in a partial amputation some soft-tissue connection remains. (Girdhar et al, 2001)
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Extract of sample "Amputation"

Download file to see previous pages The most widespread causes for amputations are diseases (74%), accidents stipulate 23% of those, and 3% of amputations are performed because of the in-born defects. As you see most amputations are stipulated by the diseases (like diabetes etc) (Jeffcoate et al, 2003)
"In general, amputations through the lower limb account for 85% of all amputations at the present time. For the lower extremity are large because of amputations resulting from diseases such as diabetes." (Girdhar et al, 2001)
The loss of the limb leads to a permanent disability that can impact a patient's self-image, self-care, and mobility (movement) negatively. Rehabilitation of the patient who experienced amputation has to be begun right after surgery during the acute treatment phase. When the patient feels better, a more extensive rehabilitation program has to be started.
During rehabilitation it is vital to focus on helping the patient feel he/she is still capable of independent life at home and in the community. The positive reinforcement accelerates recovery by improving the self-esteem of the patient and making him feel he can still be independent from the other people's assistance.
The rehabilitation program should be designed for to meet the needs of each of the patients; it should be worked out individually. Active involvement of the patient's family is a key to the success of the program, as they are the people that create the emotional atmosphere he/she lives in. It is also that the patient himself has to take active part in his rehabilitation
The purpose of rehabilitation after the amputation is to help the patient attain the highest possible level of function, and let him/her feel he/she is independent. In the same time the measures have to be taken for to improve the overall quality of the patient's life, including social, personal and professional spheres
Amputation rehabilitation programs usually include
Pain management for both post-operative and phantom pain (a sensation of pain that occurs below the level of the amputation)
Nutritional counseling
Patient and family education (Pandian, Kowalske, 1999; Gibson, Certcouns, 2001)
Biomechanics of transfemoral amputation:1,6
For to rehabilitation to pass more successfully, it is desirable to have a more distal level of limb amputation. The lower the limb is amputated, the lower is the energy consumption needed for ambulation. One more reason is that the higher the extremity is amputated the more complicate and expensive ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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