Facilitating Learning in Clinical Practice BSC Nursing - Case Study Example

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This paper, Facilitating Learning in Clinical Practice BSC Nursing, is a reflective account of my experiential learning as a co-mentor and teacher to the nursing students in the clinical area of Forensic Nursing as applied to  Mental Health Nursing…
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Facilitating Learning in Clinical Practice BSC Nursing
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process and a written account of it, I have seen, have invoked a critical appraisal of my

own actions, and that has always opened vistas for self-analysis and experiential self-

learning. Thus enriched, I believe, it had always fortified my art of clinical nursing

practice by development of knowledge, its transmission, and its use in practice setting

(NMC 2004b). As a nurse specializing in Mental Health, my work also includes Prison

In-Reach work, where a group of experienced nurses go in to the prisons to evaluate and

treat people suspected to have mental illness. This in-reach work is important, since once

diagnosed to be suffering from mental illness, a patient would be transferred to our

regional secure unit from the prison environment. In our unit, these patients get

individualized care.

The group of patients I work with is mentally disabled. They may suffer from

schizophrenia where the perceptive abilities (Bentall, 2003) of these patients are distorted

and are far from reality. They have grave disturbances of thought and thought processes

(Green, 2001) along with languages. These patients prefer to be withdrawn in a social

isolation, even to the extent of making themselves and the environment untidy. The other

group of patients that I handle is that of personality disorder with "long-lasting rigid

patterns of thought and action" (Wikipedia) that interferes with "long-term functioning of

an individual" (Stedman's Medical Dictionary), often leading to deviations in behavior

and disorganized life style. Some patients carry the diagnosis of autistic spectrum

disorder, which is a developmental and behavioural syndrome with social, language, and...
This paper has been written in the first person to accentuate the connection between the author and the course of events in the clinical setting. As a result, this elaborates mainly my experiences and thoughts as applicable to the author's reflections while teaching and assessing students in an attempt to show how mentorship, supervision, and assessment can enhance the learning experiences of the participants and the teacher, both. The evaluation of this action research is through my own reflections, performance of the students, dialogue with the colleagues in the team, and feedback from the students. This paper will also show how a well-planned, well-executed, and supervised assessment process incorporated within learning activities can influence facilitation of quality learning in a clinical environment with a goal to achieve standard of proficiency in the practice of Mental Health nursing.As the report declares mental disorder means, any disorder or disability of the mind. The degree or nature of the disorder may be such that these patients may warrant detention in a “hospital for assessment (or for assessmentb followed by medical treatment) for at least a limited period.” The patient “ought to be so detained in the interests of his own health/safety or with a view to the protection of other persons”. The very description of the conditions they are suffering from makes things difficult to handle, and my role is not only to render care to them in the practice setting, also to help them rehabilitate.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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