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The End of Life Care - Essay Example

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When an individual's life is coming to an end, a multiple disciplinary team works together hand in hand to see to it that this individual's last moments are comfortable. The multiple disciplinary team consists of professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds, and the exact number of individuals on any given team is not known (National Audit Officer, 2008) Pain management specialists provide pain management services; the individual's last moments are pain free…
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The End of Life Care
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Extract of sample "The End of Life Care"

Download file to see previous pages Religious leaders work with the dying patient to see to it that his spiritual needs are met. Then, there is the social worker. The social worker is responsible for seeing to it that the patient's emotional needs are met. This is an extremely important role for a number of reasons. One reason that the social worker has an important role in participating in the multiple disciplinary team is that there is a great deal of emotions that come with the ending of one's life. For one, the patient feels as though he is losing control. He feels that because he cannot stop himself from dying that things are out of his control, and he may try grasping at whatever he can to feel some sense of stability. He may also feel afraid, due to the fear of dying and of what may come afterwards. Along with these feelings, he will feel angry, sad, and hopeless. It is the social worker's responsibility to see to it that the patient has what he needs to cope with his circumstances, hence the reason that it is the social worker's role to help manage the stress of the client. ...
tially decrease, as he will not only be trying to cope with the myriad of difficulties that comes with dying, he will also have to contend with the stress of not having even the most basic needs met, which is not something that a dying person needs to be worrying about. If the proper care and support is provided, on the other hand, his final moments of life will be palatable. With all of his needs being met, whether emotional or physical, he will soon feel at peace. The social workers who truly care about their jobs know this, hence the reason for the immense dedication to the field. They do whatever possible to see to it that they do their job to the best of their ability, even though they may not have the support needed, even though the government does not back them as well as it should, even if they are loaded down with paperwork, which can sometimes cause them to have less time assessing the patient, even though they face a great deal of inconsistency and uncertainty, even if they must balance a number of roles and deal with extreme pressures. No matter what happens, the social workers who are truly interested in the well being of their clients endure because they know that it is in the best interest of their clients. Not to mention, there are a number of rewards for being in the field. As it concerns end of life strategy, there are a number of challenges as well as opportunities for social workers in local authority adult social care teams.
The challenges that are presented to social workers are overwhelming. One challenge that social workers contend with on a regular basis is the lack of support from the government. For example, policies have been passed, as of late, that makes the environment more hostile for social workers, making more trouble for them than ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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