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Sensation and Perception Psychology research paper - Essay Example

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This is a research paper which discusses the topic of anosmia and the problems that are related to it explaining the basic cause behind it. This paper gives detailed information about how this disease varies with age and its relationship with gender, occupation and habit has also been conferred…
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Sensation and Perception Psychology research paper
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Download file to see previous pages The dangers that occur due to it, its incidence in the population, variation according to age, gender, occupation and habits are the topics that will be focused in the paper.
Anosmia is a disease in which an individual loses the ability to detect odor, in short it is the loss of smell. The sense of smell is arbitrated by sensory cells that are present in the nasal cavity of the vertebrates and in invertebrates; they are placed in their antennae. If an individual is unable to smell the aroma of food, scents, smoke or other odors, he is said to e suffering from anosmia. The olfactory nerves which are the smell nerves are located behind the eyes and above the nose. Hence it controls both the sense as well as the taste sense. When a person smells something in the air or detects any airborne smell, the olfactory nerves are stimulated which allow him to perceive the smell. For water borne organisms, a certain chemical is present in the water due to which they can detect the smells around them. This sense is normally not given much importance however it is equally essential and like all four senses this plays a vital role too. Imagine what it would be like never to smell food or detect smoke or enjoy the scent of flowers. (Swaab, 2004)
It can also occur as a side effect of certain medications which include nasal sprays most commonly known as decongestants, nasal steroids and other thyroid medicines. There is a possibility that all these medicines might damage the sense nerves and a person might be subjected to anosmia. If such conditions prevail, the doctor should be contacted immediately.
Surgeries related to brain and sinus can also be the reason of anosmia.
Serious brain or head injuries can cause anosmia.
The deficiency of zinc in an individual can also make him apt to anosmia. (Moncrieff, 2008)
Anosmia Leads to Decrease in Safety
Imagine a house that is on fire. If the person sleeping in the building is an anosmia patient, he won't be able to detect the smell of the smoke. This situation is indeed very dangerous and is bound to bring about a lot of damage. Apart from the dangers, one would not be able to enjoy the food or might eat rotten food since sense of smell is also closely related to the sense of taste; due to this a person might lose interest in food which will result in the declination of his health. Hence health can be affected adversely. Anosmia patients are more likely to avoid food since they can no longer feel the taste and its aroma. This causes them to lose their appetitive since their taste buds are not tantalized. Moreover a person would not be able to detect in case there is a gas leakage and inhaling too much gas would be harmful for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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