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Anemia Instructor Anemia can in layman’s terms be described as a disease that leaves those afflicted with it with a lack of the proper quantity of blood in their system needed in order for one to function efficiently. From a medical perspective, it is the lack of enough red blood cells in one’s body or an inadequate amount of hemoglobin in the blood…
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Download file to see previous pages This condition affects the amount of oxygen that is delivered to the body’s organs as hemoglobin is responsible for the aforementioned process and thus it is essential that individuals suffering from this disease attain medical care as soon as possible to avoid the onset of hypoxia. Anemia is one of the most common blood disorders found in individuals (WHO 2008). There are three main ways that an individual can end suffering from anemia as a result. They include excessive blood loss which can be caused by a hemorrhage (acute blood loss) or low volume loss (which occurs chronically). This will result in an individual not having enough red blood cells in their system and thus cause the onset of anemia. The second process through which the disease can manifest is via hemolysis (Kumar et. al 2007). This refers to the excessive destruction of the blood cells. This includes the red blood cells and therefore can cause anemia as a result (WHO 2008). The third process involves the lack of adequate production of red blood cells in the body also known as inadequate hematopoiesis. The body may not be able to produce enough red blood cells which could well lead to anemia as a result if this deficiency is not fixed (Aapro & Link, 2008). ...
al 2007). As a result, the disease has gone undetected by many individuals who do not recognize the signs until their conditions worsen and the resulting symptoms get worse. Some of the symptoms that can be seen in an individual suffering from anemia include: Fatigue – This can be said to be one of the most common symptoms in individuals suffering from anemia and individuals may find themselves feeling weak on a regular basis despite the amount of rest they have had (WHO 2008). This feeling of malaise can be ignored by many as simple tiredness and can be referred to as one of the minor signs. Shortness of breath – An individual suffering from anemia may also find that they are always short of breath after brief moments of physical exertion that may not warrant such a reaction by the body (WHO 2008). This is as a result of the body not being able to carry sufficient amounts of oxygen to organs such as the lungs. Increased cardiac output – In the more severe cases of anemia the body may try to counteract the effects of reduced amounts of oxygen being transported through out the body through increasing its cardiac output. This means that the heart may work harder to deliver the required amounts of oxygen and as a result an individual may experience related symptoms as a result such as palpitations (WHO 2008). Medical Interventions There are a number of interventions that an individual can turn to in order to deal with this condition, some of these include: Iron supplementation – Those who may be suffering from anemia as a result of an iron deficiency can solve the condition through supplementing the iron lacking in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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