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Nutritional Evaluation of Kurt Manning - Case Study Example

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 This study discusses the nutritional evaluation of athletes Kurt Manning. The study analyses using a body composition machine the athlete's body fat and lean tissue mass was calculated, the athlete laid down flat on the ground and two electrodes clipped onto the right foot and right hand…
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Nutritional Evaluation of Kurt Manning
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According to Nat Version 2.0, Kurt Mannings energy expenditures are: 4780.2 kcal (Thursday), 4288.7 kcal (Friday), and 3377.8 kcal (Saturday). These are to be seen as against the daily energy expenditure of 2882.25 kcal provided in the instruction by the formula: 655 + (13.7 x W) + (5 x H) - (6.8 x A) 1.5 = 2882.25, W=Weight in kg H=Height in cm A=Age. The kcal mentioned under each day is relevant for the amount of time spent in the total activities comprising rest, inactivity, very light activity, light exercise, moderate exercise and heavy exercise.
The field of sports is now essentially dependent on fitness. For a person to achieve any degree of success, it is mandatory that he or she pay maximum attention to fitness, agility and dietary intake. While fitness and agility can be maintained through practice and concentration, diet comprises the type of food taken, the time it is taken, and its relevance to the type of game the sportsperson is engaged in. Kurt Manning, aged 23, weighing 87 kilos, and standing 164 cm tall, plays basketball. His food intake on Thursday, Friday and Saturday are stated above, along with their nutritional values. The evaluation is based on the 1991 COMA Report on Dietary Reference Value (DRV), which is scientifically more sound and comprehensive than its earlier reports. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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