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Symptomatic Toxoplasmosis - Research Paper Example

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Q2. Mrs H.D Hardwick after examining the sudden rise in the affected humans stated that this rise could result in an epidemic and it should be controlled from now on to avoid future consequences. The table shows that Mrs H.D Hardwick is right about the disease as the standard deviation value has shown a rise all of a sudden after two years in which there was reportedly no case of human disease concerning toxoplasmosis…
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Symptomatic Toxoplasmosis
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Extract of sample "Symptomatic Toxoplasmosis"

Download file to see previous pages This is mainly due to the fact that population A mainly accumulates the area of Wildwater Bay while the population B lives mostly around the kelp forests. The table shows a great difference in the mortality rate of both the population on a whole. In 1995 there were no reported cases of Toxoplasma gondii in the sea otters but after the year 1996 there is seen a slight increase in the mortality rate of both the populations. While there is a huge difference between the mortality rate of both the populations still Population A has also shown a slight increase in the cases found of Toxiplasma gondii in the recent years. Population B is more infected by Toxoplasma gondii because of the disease is known to survive for a longer time in impure soil and also in fresh and sea water. The table shows a great increase in the mortality rate from 2001 to 2006 and then a slight fall in 2007. Population A is found to be more resistant to the disease in the years and according to the table it has shown very less cases in which the sea otters have been affected by the disease. The following graph shows an increase of the disease in population A and population B.
Q4. ...
Population A is found to be more resistant to the disease in the years and according to the table it has shown very less cases in which the sea otters have been affected by the disease. The following graph shows an increase of the disease in population A and population B.
The graph illustrates that the mortality rate in population B is more than the population A.
Q4. If the table one is examined it illustrates that the protozoal disease is more commonly found in the population B. The kelp forest can said to be the main reason for the disease to be found in population B. While on the other hand population A lives near the sea and not near the kelp forests. However, the vertical transmission, which at times the disease is hereditary and transferred through parents to children as the parents infected in population can also be a cause of transfer the disease. It is suggested by the Serological analysis by using dead otters which indicated that the vermin are obtained by post weaning. While on the other hand, sub-adults otter starts on to hunt autonomously. This implies that the vertical transmission is improbable to take place. The cat litter is also the cause of the taxoplasmosis gondii plus the accumulation of ocysts in the water is also a cause of the disease.
Q5. The PSOC scientists can further confirm the effect of cat litter by managing the sewer. The scientists can keep an eye on the sea otter infected by the disease and check if the disease is transferred as hereditary material to the offspring. If the offspring are infected by the disease it would confirm if it is transferred as hereditary material or not.
Q6. Yes, they can be confident about not catching ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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